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Price: $35.00
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A Special Night At The Center For Spiritual Living In La Crescenta, near Burbank, Granada Hills, really not that far from anywhere in the Valley :)

Who should attend? Anyone wanting to bring more Joy and Peace of mind into their lives!

Anyone who may be going though a rough time and are experiencing any of these types of emotions: worried, confused, upset, lonely, insecure, depression, unhappy or stressed out about something.

Anyone who is feeling tired, needing more energy, dealing with sleep issues, wanting a boost of enthusiasm, A clearing, a renewed or deeper connection with Spirit, A boost in your psychic awareness /3rd eye awakening!

The list goes on for the possibilities of transformation, this is a feel good Healing and Ascension workshop/event.

Through a very Tangible Light, you are infused and uplifted. Messages can be revealed to you and prayers answered.

Please note this is not intended to be a religious event but for some that are religious it can be a very moving experience.

The Divine Light of the Holy Spirit and the Oneness Of All There Is, along with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Light Beings Show up for your Well-being and Healing on a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Level.

Your body is fine tuned and upgraded so you may easily receive and feel the Love and Peace of the Holy Spirit, which Lauren likes to call “God Love Frequency” and “Source Experience”.

• Healings Can Occur On Multidimensional Levels For The Entire Group

• There is a Clearing, Re-calibration, and Attunement of your Energetic Bodies

• Downloads with New Coding for your DNA and Cells

• An Awakening of your Heart Charka and Realignment of all the Chakras

• A Very Special 3rd Eye and Pineal Activation

• Physical Pain Relief and Stress Reduction

• Reduced Mind Chatter, Clarity, and Peace of Mind Restored

For some participants, physical sightings of Ascended Masters Appear.

Departed Loved Ones often come through with messages of love and reassurance.

Some people are shown messages through a flood of pictorials, bring pen and paper.

We journal then there is time for those that wish to talk about there experience.

There is also question and answer time devoted to ascension, spirituality, healing and life questions as it pertains to you in a personal way.

The Divine Light Transmission is not a guided meditation nor a channeled conversation. It is an Experience given to you by Spirit for you to come to know Spirit / God either for the first time or to have an elevated tangible experience in a way that you may never of had before.

When Lauren first came to have this experience in 2007 she met God through a Light and Love that was and still is the most beautiful experience she has ever come to know. She was Left knowing without a doubt that there is a God.

Lauren is able to connect and help others come to either see, hear, and or feel the experience on some type of a level for themselves.

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In saying all that Lauren is not a religious person and Lauren is not here to persuade your right to any belief or non belief you may hold dear! She is simply here to share her connection and gifts. Whether you believe in a Divine Source, a God it dose not impede the healing benefits that still shine through.

There is no agenda from a religious stand point only sharing the Peace, Tranquility and Love that is available through the Light for everyone.

Please note that the healing sessions vary each time you attend. You are Fine Tuned at each Sitting and through the attunement it enables you to receive more Light, Love and Information. No two Sessions are alike!

As a side note when Lauren was three years old her life was already difficult as a human and she wanted to go back home to God. She started having conversations with God and was told that her life had a purpose and she needed to stay on earth. Lauren has been a healer her entire life. Though it was not until 2007 when she received the downloads, awakenings and was showered with Gods Light and Love did she truly remember who we are as spiritual beings having a human life.

***This is with the greatest pleasure, honor and gratitude that Lauren is able to offer and be a vehicle for this Divne Love, Light, Transmission/ "God Love Frequencies"!

Peace and Blessings with Love

Lauren Amber Serna