Full Moon Sacred Ceremony Sound Bath


Join us for a powerful Full Moon Sacred Ceremony as we combine Mondays 11:11 Ascension Portal Doorway with the High Energy of the Taurus Full Moon.

We will start the evening out with connecting through breath and drum using this time to release any emotional and stagnant energy held in the body, memory and energetic fields.

Then we will move into a meditation to connect to the 11:11 Portal and the Full Moon Energies. Once there you will be invited to write out your intentions for the up coming year 2020. I will provide index cards for you to take home. This is a fun, powerful exercise that helps with Manifestation! Details explained at event!

Right after we will move into the Sound Healing Journey as you are bathed in sacred sound creating a high frequency transformational experience.

You will receive Sacred Attunements, Transmissions,
Energy Healing and Anointment's through out the evening.
Please do Not eat a heavy meal before coming.

Bring a water bottle and items that will keep you comfortable (list below)

We will have all the beautiful elements of a regular Sound Bath incorporating the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Drums, Monolina and other instruments.

Our Sound Healing Sessions Are Designed To Help Facilitate
Cleaning and Balancing of all the Chakras
Clearing and Releasing of Past and Present Issues
A Release of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain
A Raise In Your Frequency and Overall Energy Levels
An Activation of Psychic Centers, 3rd Eye, Heart and Sacral
Awaken Channels to the Divine Realms ♥
Bring in More Love, Joy, Clarity, Peace and Tranquility into your Body, Mind and Energetic Fields ♥

A List Of Things You Should Bring For The Sound Bath

A Yoga Mat and or something comfy to lay on; a comforter, Blankets, Towels, etc.

A pillow or pillows, eye covering, or anything else that may make you more comfortable for your Sound Bath!

Dress in layers as you could get warm or chilled, bring socks

A Notepad and Pen for Journaling

Energy exchange is $ 28 (minimum) and up
This is by donation and you may contribute more if you like
Payments are here through Meetup
Reserve your spot today! As a reminder you are NOT confirmed until payment. Cash/Check at the door First Come First Serve Space Is Limited

Your Facilitator Lauren Amber Serna Is A Certified Sound Therapist and Voice Analyst. A Certified Instructor and practitioner in several Energy Healing Modalities; IET, Reiki, IEH, EFT, and C.Ht.

Lauren brings in her Voice and Shamanic Roots along with her Angelic Connections to facilitate an Amazing Transformation for each participant. Sound Healing alone can be a powerful tool to help ones system move stagnant energy. Lauren uses her Sound Therapy training, intuitive senses, and channeling abilities to create a unique experience bringing in the elements of several different Healing Modalities, Sacred Sound, Meditation, Visualization, Crystal, and Aroma Therapy for a Powerful Transformational Experience.

Buddha Den's Address is 16440 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills Ca. 91344

Easy To Find, Close to CSUN, White Oak, Balboa Blvd, Havenhurst and Woodley Ave. Taking a freeway exit from either 405 or 118 less than 4 mins away See map

Located between Havenhurst and Debra, on the South side of the street, parking is directly on Chatsworth St. plenty for everyone. You may use both sides of the street, no restrictions.

Landmark: Front yard has shrub and flower garden with grayish white rocks all around. One Circle has an Angel of Peace and the other has a Jolly Buddha. There is a tall brown gate. Gate will be unlocked just come through the front court yard, to the glass front door. There will be Sage and a lighter, Please Sage off before entering thanks.

As most of you know Sound Therapy has its own wonderful list of benefits If you would like to see some of the health benefits or learn more about Lauren Amber Serna's back round and services visit http://www.Frequency4Awakening.com