What we're about

This group is open to people of all faiths, cultures, modalities, belief systems and spiritual practices! Please come join us as we share in shifting our consciousness, which impacts all of humanity.


We are moving from a place of merely existing in life (moving through the conveyer belt of life experiences) to fully living life. In this shift, we see that the external circumstances and challenges still occur, however, the place we are perceiving create our experience and life. Challenges are in the external world, and suffering is in the internal world. When met with challenges in life, our inner state is either in suffering or in peace.

The intention of this group is to continually see when we are in a state of suffering, acknowledge this state, and use simple tools and techniques to move into a beautiful state of calm and peace.

We have become conditioned in our habitual, self-obsessed thinking, turning over the dead past, or worrying about the unborn future. This is when we suffer and the consequences of this suffering effect not only our mental and psychological state, but our physical state as well.

When we are in calm and peace, we are in unity with our bodies and in harmony with the world around us. Problems are met succinctly with solutions and flow, and life is seen as presenting a myriad of opportunities for one's growth.

We use tools, teachings, meditations, and processes from O&O Academy ( http://www.oo.academy ). Now is the time to shift into a beautiful state and experience life from a beautiful state. When we do this, we affect the world around us and the collective consciousness of humanity shifts.

What is Deeksha?

Deeksha, also called the Oneness Blessing, is a benediction of grace that is transferred to the recipient. A phenomenon is sweeping the planet right now that is allowing people to have access to grace and move into states of Oneness with others, animals, nature, etc. as well as experiencing causeless love, causeless joy, and causeless freedom.

How is Oneness Blessing/Deeksha transferred?

Deeksha is transferred by a Oneness Blessing Giver who has been through a 2-day course (contact the organizer for more information) either through the gentle placement of hands on the head for less than 60 seconds, or through intention.

What is science saying about the Oneness Blessing?

"Scientist in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and the USA have measured the affect of Oneness Blessing on the balance of electromagnetic impulses emitted by the brain. They have determined that within thirty seconds of a Oneness Blessing transmission, the activity of the parietal lobes, as well as the brain stem and limbic system, becomes quieter and more balanced, while the activity of the frontal lobes increases. These findings are identical to measurements of long term Tibetan meditators conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the effects of Oneness Blessing are cumulative; the more Oneness Blessing a person receives, the more balanced the brain becomes. A group from Princeton University is establishing a laboratory on the Oneness University campus to study and observe the Oneness Blessing Process.

These kinds of changes in the brain's activity, especially when they are cumulative, affects every area of a person's life; physical health, personal relationships, creativity and business, as well as an individual's relationship to religion, society and the planet as a whole." - O&O Academy

What is the intention of the Deeksha?

In one word: growth. The Oneness Blessing is a gift on the planet right now to aid in humanity's shift and growth into higher states of being. The Oneness Blessing gives a person a shortcut/easier access to their Higher Sacred Self and their Divine, so that she/he may become fulfilled in their lives through the healing of relationships with family, friends, spouses, etc., through the accumulation of wealth, through the healing of health. This fulfillment leads to transformation. Transformation leads to Freedom. And Freedom leads to full Awakening.

Looking forward to connecting and growing with you!

Thank you,

Brenda Jo McDonald


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