Rapport Skills Training - How to Connect Powerfully with Anyone!

Transforming Lives: NLP Hypnosis Coaching Montreal
Transforming Lives: NLP Hypnosis Coaching Montreal
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Brand New Event!

How much would you love to be able to connect and create trust with just about anyone quickly?

A whole lot of Darren’s students will tell you that this is one of the best skills he teaches for living abundantly!

Whether you want powerful influence with total strangers, clients, romantic partners, or friends and family…

You’re absolutely going to love this because it’s all about expanding relationships.

Here’s what’s included in this Free Training Session:

• What is Rapport?
• The Power of Non-Verbal Communications
• Mirroring Physiology, Voice, and Language
• 3 Magic Questions
• Interactive Exercises
• Bonus Tips & Tricks
• Open Q&A

Amazingly, this is an actual core segment from the professional coach training courses Darren gives!

RSVP Now and attend because this is life-changing.


Darren Miller is a Master Coaching Hypnotist and renowned Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


EXTRA INFO: This is a “Pay it Forward” event and it really is completely free to attend.

During our live in-person events, we appreciate voluntary donations of $5, $10, $20+... whatever you can afford and only if the spirit moves you!

For online events, we encourage you to perform a random act of kindness in our name! ;)

These are called Pay it Forward events because we use contributions to sponsor free coaching for people who couldn’t afford to get the help they need otherwise, so everyone wins!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an offer of therapy. All of our events are for educational purposes only.