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This Group is for Adult-Only (18+) Nudists/Naturists of All "Genders" (Self-identified), those In Transition or Transitioned, and Self-identified Non-Binary, who are interested in Social Nudism. AND this Group is for Adult Nudists / Naturists who are Allies of Transitioning / Transitioned and Non-Binary Adults. By it's very nature and intent, this Group is classified as an "All / Mixed Genders (Self-Identified) " Nudist/Naturist Group.

This Group is All Genders (Self-Determined, i.e. Self-Gendered), and Non-Binary, Same-Genders Positive, and Sex-Positive.

The primary focus is on the Transgender Community, who have tried Social Nudism, but have found they were rejected in Same-Sex or Mixed Communities, because they were not "Surgically Complete" w/ respect to their Gender Identity. For example, FtM Transgender Men who have not completed "bottom surgery" are often rejected in Gay/Bi Male-Only Nudist Groups, because they still have "Female Parts". In THIS Group, we Reject that Attitude!

All Self-Gendered & Non-Binary Persons who are Nudists, are Accepted and Loved HERE, regardless of their Gender-confirmation completeness, or hormone-therapy status.

Nudist Philosophy teaches us to Love Our Bodies as they are, and, by extension, to Love the bodies of our Fellow Nudists, as they are. Here that philosophy is applied and followed, in a Loving Social Nude Fellowship of People, regardless of their Physical State of Gender Confirmation.

This Group serves Adult (18+) Self-Gendered Men & Women, Non-Binary, and Nudist Allies (all cis-Genders), who are interested in Social Nudism, who live in Greater Manchester, NH, all other areas of NH, Greater Lowell, MA and Northern MA areas, and along the Greater I495 corridor. We hope to extend into the whole of NH and MA, to the borders of Maine and Vermont. We are here for those who wish to hang nude, or discuss Transgender issues (while nude), and who also seek bare hugs, and sensual contact. An "Ally" is a Non-Transit cis man or woman Nudist who is here to Support Transgender friends & family. Members are also Welcome from Outside New England.

We plan to have a variety of Trans-oriented Nude social events, in the area OUTSIDE of, & North / West of Greater Boston. Members from All locations of New England are Welcome.

Some events, by way of Introduction to Social Nudism, will start out Clothed, or in undergarments of one's own choosing, but this is NOT a "Clothing Optional" Group. We will all end up Nude, and enjoying each other's nude company.

Membership is limited to Adults Only (18+; no alcohol served to Under 21), of All Ages, who identify as Transgender or Non-Binary, and Allies who identify as LGBP, Questioning, Curious, or "Str8 but Open-minded", who Support Trans Men & Women & Non-Binary, and who also enjoy "Mixed" Social Nudity, Sensual and Sexual contact. Adults who do NOT support Transgender Persons, and Same-Sex sensual/sexual touch will be Banned.

Preferred Membership is Transgender Adults. We may try to balance the Membership from time to time if the number of Non-Trans members greatly exceeds Trans members.

Non-discriminatory. Judgement-Free. Smoke-free. Free of Illegal Drugs (dependent on location of events in MA or NH, and State Laws). Loving and Caring. Bare hugs freely given! Total Acceptance of Gender, however-Self-identified / regardless of State of External "Completeness", Bare Self and Bare Others, in Love. Members also welcome from outside the Events Area.

All Events are considered to be "All Genders". Some may be specifically marked as "Trans Only" (facilitated by the Organizers), or "Male Only" (self-identified) or "Female Only" (self-identified). We will explore these options as we get Organized.

Most Events are in a private apartment in Manchester, NH, but we hope to have a Team of Hosts that will cover all of NH and MA.

Online Events have no Geographical Membership limits.

No alcohol served to Anyone under age 21.

We also offer Virtual Meetups on Our Private & Secure DISCORD Server, which is operational 24/7, and Restricted to Only Members of this Meetup Group.

*** COVID-19 Pandemic Meetings ***

At this time, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are operating in Hybrid Mode!

Events were Online / Virtual-Only from April 2020 - June 2021. Because vaccines became available early early in 2021, we started operating in Hybrid Mode on June 27, 2021, offering both Online/Virtual events, and Restricted In-Person events. In-Person events limited to Members verified to be Covid-Free. We offer an average of 1-2 Hybrid Meetups / a month, can expand that if we get more Hosts.


This is NOT a "Clothing Optional" Group, though some Events will start out Clothed. All attendees are Expected to end up Nude by the end of the Social Time. The Host can make exceptions for "newbies" or those with medical issues.

Events of a sensual nature, or having a sexual component, are included, but this is NOT a "sex group". All events are SOCIAL first. With the Host's Permission, an event MAY have a sensual / sexual "After Party" . Most events DO have a sensual / sexual "After Party". Participation in the "After Party" is always OPTIONAL: you can Leave, Stay & Watch, Stay & Solo, or Stay & Play.

Although we are a Social Nudist / Naturist Group First, we are also a Same-Gender w/ Same-Gender Sex-Positive Group. As a Naturist Group, we support Natural Things, including Male Erections that may happen during Social Time (as long as not self-induced). Sexual desire and behavior is a Healthy and Natural Thing, and we (generally) allow a Separate Time for that, following the Social Time.

Co-Organizers, and Co-Hosts, In-person (Real) & Virtual, needed & Welcomed!

Cooperating with other New England Regional Nudist / Naturist groups of all persuasions, to foster Nudism / Naturism in New England. Events of other Nudist / Naturist Groups within Our Area to be cross-listed.

If you wish to be a Host, contact me. Approved Hosts are Free to schedule events.

Share your get-together ideas. Help this Group to grow and thrive in Nudist Fellowship & Love.


Bare bear hugs,

Grant (GW Sullivan), Your Organizer & Host

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