Future Day 2017 - 1st of March - Sydney - UTS

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UTS Building 11

81 Broadway, Broadway · Sydney

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Room 301 , Level 3, UTS Building 11, 81 Broadway, Sydney

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Future Day, 1 March, is a global phenomenon. Our goal is to have Future Day adopted as an official holiday by governments on all levels around the world for the global population to consider the future of humanity.

This year, Future Day in Sydney will be celebrated at FEIT, UTS Building 11, Level 3, 81 Broadway, Sydney NSW 2007.


6:30 pm: Welcome & Introduction - Avinash K Singh

6:45 pm: The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Peter Xing

7:10 pm: Delaying the Anti-biocalypse - the war on Superbugs - Dr. Andrea Leong

7:35 pm: The ethics of exponential technology -AI, Hybrids & You - Dr. James Jansson

8:00 pm: Future of Brain Machine Interface - Avinash K Singh

8:25 pm - 9:00 pm : Demo and Q&A.


Peter Xing - Transhumanism Australia

Peter Xing is a futurist, transhumanist and AI enthusiast. Peter is also a Technology Evangelist and co-founder of Transhumanism Australia. http://www.transhumanism.com.au/

Dr. Andrea Leong

Dr. Andrea Leong is the leader of the NSW Science Party and a microbiologist working in microbiome research. Her PhD thesis examined an antibacterial surface coating that made use of antimicrobial peptides, a class of molecule that may be our drawcard in the arms race against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. She previously examined drug targets for tuberculosis in an Honours project at Monash University in 2008.

Dr. James Jansson - Science Party

Dr James Jansson is the leader of the Science Party and co-founder of fintech and mediatech startup, ZipSub. He studied mathematics and later teaching at the University of Sydney. He did a short stint teaching in a disadvantaged school in western Sydney. Since then, James has completed his PhD in mathematical modelling of HIV disease progression and epidemiology. http://scienceparty.org.au/

Avinash K Singh - UTS and India Future Society

Avinash K Singh is a researcher working on Brain Computer Interface and Virtual Reality and founder of India Future Society (http://www.IndiaFutureSociety.org). He is board member of International Longevity Alliance. He is actively involve in and support Singularity, Transhumanism and Longevity ideas. http://www.IndiaFutureSociety.org

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