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Meet 4 snak or coffee... IMA/ Art Museum anyone
After we meet & talk, we can walk around the art museum exhibits or garden, whatever current changing exhibit is your choice. Thursdays the IMA is open until 9pm, they changed their menu & we can stay as late as u want. All admissions R free in the exhibits after 5pm, 1st Thursdays.

Ima Cafe

4000 Michigan Rd · Indianapolis

What we're about

Who should join U ask? Anyone who needs to discuss the new surprises from the changes in their situation, to feel they R not alone. new job, boss, home, new area, or loss of a job, spouse......newly retired spouse at home...

When: We will meet on the 1st Thursday, 6 pm at the IMA & 3rd Thursday at Whole Foods Nora 11:30

Where- 3rd Thurs Location: Nora Whole Foods , in the cafe near the window ( 2 get Vitamin D )

1st Thursday, Indianapolis Art Museum Café, 38 & Michigan, 1st floor is always free every day

Why? What the group is about? Listen, talk, just feel the support, to meet your personal needs, since we need 2 feel luv and support and don't get enough. We need 2 be reminded that we R responsible for our own happiness.

What will we do/ Activity: As the introduction we can mention- 1 change we R going thru.

What : We need to remember to stay on course and not consider it therapy.

We meet to talk to preserve our needs and feel balance with our changes in life.

We can pair off in smaller groups of our choosing when the group is larger, new job, boss, home, new area, loss of a......

We R equals & no one generates business.

How : As a group we can tell our story about a recent event in your smaller group. I prefer it stay round robin which means we say one thing and the next person repeats their answer to the group issue of the day. Fill in the blanks

References : I have a list of all the other non-therapy systems & a few books U may B amused with since I have been working on this for 2 years.

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