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The purpose of this Meetup Network is to support members in organizing and integrating their spiritual experiences, views, and practices so they meet their spiritual goals. You will find it useful regardless of your approach to spirituality, whether you are new to spiritual practice or have been practicing for decades, have switched from one tradition to another, or are practicing in an eclectic manner. Transmodern Spirituality is a present day approach to spirituality that goes beyond tradition’s religious dogma, modernism’s scientific rejection of spirituality, and post-modernism’s divisive pluralism that prevents a meaningful integration and/or respect of diverse religious-spiritual approaches. It integrates scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom to support all true, useful, and beneficial spiritual approaches. It is a combination of body-mind consciousness principles, general philosophy, and religious and spiritual traditions. It is both a practical means to live one’s spirituality and a method of examining and refining one’s own spiritual practice and development within one’s chosen tradition. For more information on this approach see Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm (https://noperfectom.com/overview-of-the-transmodern-spirituality-paradigm/).

Consider this network if you have been to various trainings and retreats, have gained insights to live better and more successfully, and now realize who you can become spiritually. As you continue your spiritual work these gatherings are designed to help you continue your effort in a focused manner, assist in addressing challenges that oppose your wellness and growth, and guide you along your unique spiritual path.


Though not limited to these areas of study, we examine purposes and types of spirituality, spiritual practices that work and why, challenges and common impasses on the spiritual path, commonalities among traditions, post-biological death experience, and spiritual ethics. Throughout this study we consider the continuum of individual ego body-mind and transpersonal awareness, and the differences between mundane body-mind phenomena and valid spiritual experience. We explore such topics and questions as:

Non-duality philosophy and practice.

What is the difference between consciousness and awareness?

Are the following experiences spiritual, and if so, how: astral travel, precognitive dreams, poltergeist, UFO’s, divination, near death experience?

What do people mean when they say “God”?

Pragmatics of change.

How does thinking scientifically contribute to a successful spiritual practice?

What is a useful way to understand subtle energies, realms, and experiences in relation to gross and causal reality?

How are authentic happiness and fulfillment part of spirituality?

Sin, surrender, and sacrifice.

How do various practices and rituals, e.g. church attendance, prayer, sweat ceremonies, yoga, mediumship, energy healing, contribute to one’s spirituality?

How do you integrate extraordinary human experiences or psychic phenomena that have challenged your usual understanding of reality?

Benefits and challenges of spirituality.

What is the soul?

What is the participatory nature of spirituality and its importance to religious diversity?

What is the relationship between self-actualization and self-realization?

What is the fit between one’s spiritual community and one’s spiritual practice?

Paradox and pragmatism in religious literature.

What are spiritual materialism and spiritual bypassing?

Partnership of ego and Spirit.

How do you incorporate holistic healing practices, e.g. Reiki, chakra attunement, EFT, crystals, hypnosis, and reflexology, into spiritual practice?

What is meant by emptiness, witness awareness, and nondual suchness?

What characterizes the true and genuine soulmate experience?

What is the role of nature in spiritual practice?

Spiritual intelligence and ethics.


Meeting formats vary: single seminars on specific topics of interest with brief meditations or contemplations and robust discussion; interrelated presentations best attended as the scheduled series of 4,6, or 8 meetings; or, intimate small group discussions (Spiritual Life Conversations). Seminars are held in Old Montreal as scheduled. Small group discussions (Spiritual Life Conversations) are held on Tuesday evenings in Old Montreal. Presentation series are scheduled in different announced locations and times. Seminars are free while others require a nominal fee based on the format. The objective of each meeting is to further clarify and refine one’s spiritual beliefs and practices so one progresses along one’s chosen path.


Robert A. Reimondi, M.A. is a former Vermont licensed psychologist now living in Montreal. He is a teacher, contemporary mystic, and spiritual advisor. He uses Transmodern Spirituality in his own spiritual practice and in his work with others. He has over forty years psychotherapy and teaching experience. Relevant areas of expertise, professional study, and teaching include resiliency, death and dying, dreamwork, counseling and personality theory, spiritual life practice, and spiritual development. Over the years he has been on a mystical spiritual path and has learned from the Native American traditions, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Sufism.

For more information about Robert A. Reimondi, M.A. and Transmodern Spirituality go to No Perfect Om (https://noperfectom.com) or One Perfect Om (https://oneperfectom.com).

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Spiritual Life Conversations

Rezomont Business Center

Spiritual Life Conversations

Rezomont Business Center

Spiritual Life Conversations

Rezomont Business Center

Spiritual Life Conversations

Rezomont Business Center


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