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Do you ever feel like your interactions with others are based on social conditioning over how you really feel? Are you trying to run away from feeling something real to avoid dealing with things that trouble you, Are you drinking and partying, have a ton of friends, you're always "on", but underneath feel alone? Why am I here what am I doing? Do you feel like you don't relate to others in a way for them to truly know and see who you are? Do you understand perception well but seek for deeper connections? Transparency, love, and non-judgment of yourself and others are the cornerstones for these connections. Learn how connect with others through meditations, connection exercises, changing your thought processes, and removing fallacious thinking that can hinder your ability to for depth and understanding. What you believe can free you or limit you. Learn how to tackle your limiting beliefs, create positive fulfilling deep connections with anyone, and to self-actualize yourself to your full potential.

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