Bike Hack Night X


Bike Hack Night is a show & tell of bicycle-related apps, data visualizations, and gadgets: anything built with code. Doors open at 6:00, with free pizza πŸ• courtesy of our founding sponsor Mobility Lab. The program begins at 6:30. Our speakers thus far are:

🚲 Daniel Schep: celebrating "Bike To Work Da(il)y"
🚲 Brendan Freehart: using computer vision to detect blocked bike lanes
🚲 Jon Wergin: using location-based services data to study bike trips
🚲 Chris Nguyen: crowd-sourcing bike lane violations (
🚲 Joseph Nelson: visualizing open data on bike crashes
🚲 Stephen Gheysens: how to use isochrones for cycling

Plus we'll have a special guest, Chris Leonberg, who will tell us how he built his winning entry for the Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Help us visualize how everyone arrives at the meetup by recording your GPS data and sharing. Follow these instructions:

Our hashtag is #bikehacknight ( Follow @techiesdc ( for "Transportation Techies" updates.

See what happened at the previous BikeHackNight:

Attendance is free, but RSVP is required (