What we're about

We will discuss how we can bring peace and unity to religion, as according to Biblical prophecy. A goal is to be the virgin church as described in the Prophecy of 1619 (http://www.sigler.org/shofar/janeleade/greng.htm). To do that, we must be very careful to not be wrong about anything. Once we teach a doctrine of men, we are no longer a virgin church. We must start with and build on things that we are most sure of.

Transvergence of the Three Daughters of Abraham gives a good starting point for our discussions. The following link will take you to a sample version containing the first two chapters. The first chapter shows what can happen if we can be right about everything. If the Christians, Jews, and Muslims each accept only what is true without error; they will have transverged into the same thing, New Jerusalem.

PDF version (https://drive.google.com/open?id=18TPgPPvhcOYoWIjkUD5rXyzg0-zztpdr)

If we can become that virgin church, we will need to organize and duplicate our efforts across the country and around the world. It is our goal to establish churches with ministers throughout the lands. We need elect servants to organize and establish them, and also local ministers for them.

Come and see what we want to do.

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