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Coding Kata #1: Victor Rentea
This is the very begging of the Transylvania JUG Dojo, the first Kata having Victor Rentea as the driver. It's a smaller event, so IBM was kind enough to offer us one of the conference room and also they are throwing in the pizza to keep those brains working. The story is simple: 1-2 guys Pair Programming, changing places regularly. The other attendees commenting or discussion, helping each other solve the problem projected on the wall. Thank you Victor for helping us put this in place, I am sure that this is just the beginning. The main idea is to exercise different design alternatives for a simple problem (a Coding Kata), talking about Clean Code, Simple Design, Tests (perhaps TDD), Refactoring, Pair Programming, and other Extreme Programming practices as we go along. The end goal is to improve our coding skills by practicing in a stress-free collaborative environment, do debate best practices and see how other people thing about design and well crafted code. Agenda: 1h coding; pizza; some more coding or talking The number are limited since it's a pilot event, so please update your RSVP if your plans change.

IBM Office - Liberty Park, Cluj-Napoca

Strada Gării nr. 21, Cluj-Napoca · Cluj-Napoca

Respond by: 11/20/2018