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Trauma/PTSD - Yoga wisdom applied to daily life - Group Discussions
Catia Batalha will be leading these trauma & PTSD group discussions regarding tools that can be used to have a more healthy/balanced perspective on life by exploring ancient philosophies & wisdom to approach prior unhealthy patterns or belief systems. The antidotes to anxiety, depression, trauma, purposelessness, disconnection, dissatisfaction, etc. are already within us... We just need some help on how to access them, awaken our innate qualities, and reach our potential. Sharing tools and raising consciousness, through the exploration of ancient teachings and techniques from a number of different sources (e.g. Meditation, Gnosis, Yoga, Buddhism, Psychotherapy, healing therapies, science, esoteric schools). Some of the themes we cover in these sessions: Love, compassion, attachment, observation, consciousness, the universe, the connection between everything, mindfulness, oneness, death, life, sacrifice, introspection, connection, relationships, energy, meditation, peace, alchemy, psychotherapy, pranayama, yoga, relaxation, happiness, chakras, koshas, locus of control, self-esteem, social anxiety, knowledge, subconscious, esoteric teachings, personal development, freedom, truth, trust, transcendence of the ego, duality. The cost to attend this course with the practitioner Catia Batahla: $20 - waged $10 - unwaged Please see link below for any additional information & contact details for this course: Please see link below for a video in which Catia discusses some aspects around the other course she teaches, Yoga Psychotherapy:

Highbury House

110 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead · Auckland

What we're about

A supportive community that accepts you, your trauma, your struggles and victories just as they are. Empathy is at the very foundation of our support group and this will be what helps facilitate a safe place for each of us to feel accepted.

We our happy to announce that we will be reinstating our monthly sessions at the Highbury House on the first Wednesday of every month from 7:30-9:00 p.m. Our Meet Ups will be led by Debbi who is a senior student on the Masters of Psychotherapy programme at AUT. With a passion for Ecotherapy and Body-Mind-Spirit therapeutic modalities, she currently sees private clients at the AUT Psychotherapy Clinic and works as a psychotherapy intern at WDHB Community Mental Health were she has obtained experience in working with trauma. Debbi was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa where she obtained her Psychology degree. She has previously lived in the UK and in 2002 emigrated to New Zealand where she has settled with her family.

Non-judgement and a sense of belonging with your thoughts in a group setting has been beneficial for those that attending our sessions. We are stronger together and look forward to continuing our journey towards healing with you.

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