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Shamanic Study and Drumming Circle
Bring your drums and rattles or borrow one from me. WE WILL BE OUTDOORS TILL OCTOBER. Event cancelled if raining. New theme every month to practice shamanic journey and shamanic healing Bring beach chair if you have one and water. Donation $20 -- thank you. Learn Shamanism visit Chantal Guillou-Brennan is a certified Hypnotherapist and QHHT regressionist with extensive training and experience in energy medicine, Mastery of Awareness™ and shamanism.

Integrative Energy Medicine Institute

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So when you look at the numbers of RSVP, that is not at all accurate. I have had people not come because they thought they were the only ones when there were several people register through other channels.

This group is about expanding our awareness through travel close and far, to experience different ways of life near us or abroad. As citizen of the earth we seek to travel not only to appreciate the beauty and diversity of mother earth but to also explore and connect with the large realm of the multiverse exploring our place in the universe as we journey to sacred sites and honor our roots and ancestral heritage as well as our potential of what we may contribute to make this world the place that we all long for.

Travel also brings us to prepare ourself for immersion in new culture and new perspectives. This preparation work is done in between travel through the opening of the senses and the development of awareness with practice such as shamanism, Reiki which connect us to or true spiritual nature and allow us to become attuned to our Soul Path.

We seek opportunities to partner with other groups to offers our members additional options to travel and explore and grow.

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Please note that the number of participants for any meeting does not reflect the actual number of attendees. Because I organize 5 other Meetup groups where my events and others are posted, use Facebook and my personal database to spread the word there are always other people that show up that are not part of this Meetup. So when you look at the numbers of RSVP, that is not at all accurate. I have had people not come because they thought they were the only ones when there were several people register through other channels.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my free events, PlayShops or training.

Warm regards
Chantal Guillou-Brennan, IEMP, CHT, CQHHT

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