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Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule and embark on exciting adventures around the country, or as the younger generations increasingly prefer, abroad. And what better way to enjoy this type of holiday than to spend it with like-minded friends and family? Group travel maximizes quality time, leaving plenty of moments to relax, engage in activities or fun-filled entertainment and even get down to business. Wherever your dreams take you... this get-together is a great opportunity to get inspired and learn more about where to go and what to do when you get there. And now you can also earn 50% of HeyNuna (our sponsor's) revenue as TC Rewards when you refer a friend to HeyNuna and that friend books a flight, hotel, car, or any other travel product, and for your own bookings... Visit https://www.heynuna.com/blog/Travel-Connection-Introduces-TC-Rewards to learn more...And remember to sign up for TC Rewards at https://travelconnection.live

The main reason for creating this group is to foster a community of travel buddies, promoting the opportunity to socialize, enjoy shared adventures, and create new friendships. We hope that through our shared journeys we can create fantastic ways for like-minded people who share common interests to enrich their shared experiences, making the holiday more fun and more memorable… that many of you will find luck, and when you're ready to share your joy, we'd be happy to celebrate with you at sea, or on a beautiful sandy beach in the middle of the ocean. Even if you just want to pull off the biggest surprise when you pop the question, we can be in on the conspiracy too :-)


• Join this group now.
• Invite your friends and family.
• Become a Trip Leader.
• Join our Discussions https://www.meetup.com/Travel-Connection-Ho... vote often in our Polls https://www.meetup.com/Travel-Connection-Ho... help our travel professionals plan trips that are more aligned with your travel goals.
• Act early to take advantage of flexible deposit and payment options.


• Be polite
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• Don't post payment info on Group/Meetup pages.

This is a casual, social group for anyone who's looking to connect with fellow travel lovers or join one or more of our upcoming trips. Our general local meetups, will take the form of "Bon voyage" and/or "Welcome home" parties where you can begin to get acquainted with other like-minded individuals on your upcoming trip, but also meet people who have crossed the globe and can share inspiring insights and photos of their journeys.

Alleviate all stress associated with planning the perfect group holiday. Group Admins and Trip Leaders will plan the group route, transfers, accommodation and tours in advance, but you are, of course, free to add any extra tours and activities to your itinerary. For the safety of the group and its members we can't have just anybody show up at our meetups. We need to know who is coming on each trip. This we are best able to do by involving travel professionals. Our travel professionals have a "duty of care" to ID every person who books through them, and to advice (though not require) everyone booking through them to invest in a travel protection plan.


Trip Leaders are natural networkers. They're responsible for the success of their trip, from mobilizing the number of travelers needed, to keeping members informed, motivated, and happy, from planning to finish. Trip Leaders love to bring people together, and get to travel free, when they reach the group goal, for taking the lead as volunteers.

This opportunity is open to all members. We'll teach and guide you all the way on how to get people to jaw-dropping places filled with friendly faces all over the world!

We’re looking for friendly, motivated people who:

• Lead the way: Communicate regularly through the discussion forums and inspire other members.

• Share their passion: Have fun doing what they love! Nothing motivates more than happy inspiration.

• Build friendships: Create a welcoming environment where people can make connections that last beyond the trip.

Sounds like you? Send me a quick message to indicating your interest, what qualities make you a great Trip Leader, and what you can do to contribute to the trip's success. Also consider updating your intro and adding a photo, if you don't have one, so the group can get to know you.

Join us today, and let's go as a group. You'll return rejuvenated and renewed, with new memories, new perspectives, possibly even new friends.

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The admins of this group, its organizers, hosts, and trip leaders are all very excited about what experiences we can share together. But as excited as they are, please know that they don't endorse any person you might encounter online, or at any of our events as a potential cabinmate on a cruise, and in supporting all of our journeys, they are not giving you any legal, tax, financial, investment, or relationship advice.

Upcoming events (5+)

4 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston, TX - Starting at $225

Our Royal Caribbean Special https://bit.ly/2Nz0sT1 It's a "limited time" BOGO offer starting as low as $225 + Taxes and Fees. Plus get $50 or more in additional group discounts when we reach 16 TC Travelers. This special is also available on these sailing dates with similarly low prices: March 18-22, 2019; March 22-27, 2019; March 27-April 1, 2019; April 1-5, 2019; April 5-10, 2019; April 10-15, 2019; April 15-19, 2019. Ready to book? RSVP "Yes" and complete this form https://bit.ly/2NBvji2 to secure your place. If you need a roommate feel free to reach out to other group members through comments.

7 Nights Western Caribbean Roundtrip from Galveston, TX

Good News! We've secured group space with an easy payment plan for this Carnival Vista May 25, 2019 cruise. But hurry! Space is limited; only 8 cabins available. Sailing Date: May 25, 2019 Through: Jun 01, 2019 Ship: Carnival Vista Line: Carnival Cruise Lines PRICING PER GUEST - CRUISE ONLY (Excluding Trip Protection Plan - We're working to get the best rates possible) Inside $849 (+ $100.40 Tax + 90.65 Gratuity ($12.95 a day)) Balcony $1,259 (+ $100.40 Tax + 90.65 Gratuity ($12.95 a day)) PAYMENT SCHEDULE Initial Deposit per Guest (non-refundable) -- $50 - Due August 15, 2018 Final Deposit per Guest (non-refundable) -- $250 - Due November 15, 2018 Final Payment - Due March 3, 2019 ITINERARY 1 Galveston, TX Depart 4:00 PM 2 Fun Day At Sea 3 Fun Day At Sea 4 Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan Arrive 8:00 AM Depart 6:00 PM 5 Belize Arrive 8:00 AM Depart 5:00 PM 6 Cozumel, Mexico Arrive 8:00 AM Depart 4:00 PM 7 Fun Day At Sea 8 Galveston, TX Arrive 8:00 AM

14 Night Northbound Alaska Cruise & Land Tour Vancouver to Fairbanks

Full info on Alaska Cruise and Itinerary is now out and here https://bit.ly/2zRmbUc To get started, please complete this form https://bit.ly/2NqVGXS if you've not yet completed any of our quote request forms. NOTE: Airlines publish their fares 330 days into the future,so we won't know the June 16, 2019 return fares from Alaska until July 21, 2018. Good News! Inspired by your comments, our travel pros have secured group space on Celebrity Millennium for Alaska with a generous payment schedule. Give yourself the benefit of a great stateroom location! Secure your cabin now with a $50 or $100 deposit, then spread the balance over 3 to 6 months. If you plan well you can skip December for Christmas spending and still finish paying by February. All payments must be completed by March 2, 2019. Thanks Laura, Nicole, Melba, and Priss. Join the Discussions https://www.meetup.com/Travel-Connection-Houston/discussions/ and the Polls https://www.meetup.com/Travel-Connection-Houston/polls/ Sailing Date: Jun 07, 2019 Through: Jun 14, 2019 Ship: Celebrity Millennium Line: Celebrity Cruises PRICING PER GUEST - CRUISE ONLY (Excluding Trip Protection Plan - We're working to get the best rates possible) Inside: 11 - Deck 2 $754 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) 10 - Deck 3 $794 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) 09 - Deck 7, 8, 9, 11 $814 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) OceanView: 07 - Deck 2 $1,144 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) 06 - Deck 3 $1,164 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) 04 - Deck 6, 7, 8, 9 $1,389 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) Deluxe OceanView Veranda: 2C Deck 6, 7 $1,674 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) Concierge Class: C3 - Deck 7, 8, 9 $ 1,824 (+ Taxes and Fees $192.10 + Gratuity @ $14.50 a day) These prices are individual rates based on double occupancy. Need a room for 3 or 4? Connect with me quickly and take advantage of the group rates. PAYMENT SCHEDULE Initial Deposit per Guest (non-refundable) -- $50 - Due July 23, 2018 Final Deposit per Guest (non-refundable) -- $250 - Due March 2, 2019 Final Payment - Due March 2, 2019 We should be able to get up to $750 in additional group discounts if we hit our minimum target of 16 travelers with potential for more discounts as our numbers grow. PRICING - SHORE EXCURSIONS - OPTIONAL Coming soon. PRICING - TRIP PROTECTION Coming soon. ITINERARY Pre-cruise (part may be optional): Day 1 - Wed, Jun 5, 2019 Day 2 - Thu, Jun 6, 2019 Cruise: Day 1 - Fri, Jun 7, 2019 Vancouver, British Columbia - Depart: 4:30 PM Day 2 - Sat, Jun 8, 2019 Inside Passage - Cruising Day 3 - Sun, Jun 9, 2019 Ketchikan, Alaska - Arrive: 7:00 AM Depart: 3:00 PM Day 4 - Mon, Jun 10, 2019 Icy Strait Point, Alaska - Arrive: 10:00 AM Depart: 8:00 PM Day 5 - Tue, Jun 11, 2019 Juneau, Alaska - Arrive: 7:00 AM Depart: 9:30 PM Day 6 - Wed, Jun 12, 2019 Skagway, Alaska - Arrive: 7:00 AM Depart: 4:00 PM Day 7 - Thu, Jun 13, 2019 Hubbard Glacier (Cruising) - Arrive: 7:00 AM Depart: 11:00 AM Day 8 - Fri, Jun 14, 2019 Seward, Alaska - Arrive: 5:00 AM Post-cruise (parts may be optional): Day 1 - Sat, Jun 15, 2019 Day 2 - Sun, Jun 16, 2019 Day 3 - Mon, Jun 17, 2019 Day 4 - Tue, Jun 18, 2019 WHAT YOU CAN DO If this trip interests you, RSVP “Yes” on the Meetup page now. This only means you’d like more info, and helps open private, personalized communication with you to get relevant traveler info… There is no obligation. Be ready to secure your stateroom with your initial deposit by July 23. See Payment Schedule above. WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO Do not ever post payment info on Group/Meetup pages. We would request payment info if and when the time comes for that. Join us on this journey. You'll come back smiling :-)

7 Night Caribbean Cruise Roundtrip from Galveston, Texas: Starting at $459.50

Royal Caribbean special offer makes this one the best priced sailings in 2019. This limited time offer expires July 29, 2018. We'll be lucky if it's extended. Hurry! https://bit.ly/2LRryo9

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7 Night Thanksgiving Cruise to Western Caribbean

Galveston, Tx

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