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Those who dream of exploring the wildlife kingdom from closest quarters, those who are in boundless love with Nature, those who love to travel, those who love to spend time with external self and inner self amidst company of like-minded souls, those who believe in experiencing adrenaline rush more often than not, those who love to capture everything beautiful in their hearts, eyes, and lenses- they should be a part of this Group. We carve out and curate trips to the places, lesser-known, lesser-heard, and lesser-exploited. It is not necessarily woods, forts, safaris, but what we bring forward is a mixed bag of all. When we design any trip, we add few key ingredients that are common each time- best experience, an opportunity to get closer to the inner-self, appreciation of the flawless beauty lying all around, admiration of all kinds of living forms, and bringing back the memories that stay with each participant forever.

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