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We think our Developers are really good in dealing with logjams and there are plenty of things we could share with others, so why shouldn't we? We want this meet up to be a first of a series meeting made by Ryanair in Wrocław.

Let's start at 6 PM in Korba (restaurant downstairs in Nicolas Business Center) May 24th and listen to our colleagues - Łukasz Pyrzyk and Przemysław Pietruszewski.

Speaker: Przemysław Pietruszewski

The #1 strategy for make the money flow

Time: 18:15

Abstract: Money flow indicator is one of the more reliable indicators. For successful businesses there are numerous ways to support steady stream of free cash flow. I will tell you how we supported main source of Ryanair income when our website was down and what you can do in similar circumstances regarding Amazon Web Services architecture and legacy project.

Bio: I work as a Software Developer / Scrum Master at Ryanair Wro Labs since the very beginning. I specialise in front end development and building high performance scrum teams. Big fan of climbing, photography and in my spare time I also play in .band24.

Speaker: Łukasz Pyrzyk

Topic: .NET Core in 2017

Time: 19:00

Abstract: What's new in the .NET ecosystem? How Microsoft wants to surprise us in this year? I will talk about current architecture of .NET Framework, .NET Standard and several upcoming features like Span, ArrayPool or ValueTask.

Bio: I work as a Senior Software Developer at Ryanair Wro Labs. I am a high-performance programming enthusiast and a fan of challenges. I like watching movies, cycling and traveling

Świętego Mikołaja 19 · Wroclaw
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