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New Group as of July 27, 2019.
I've been traveling for free (or nearly free) for 5 years and the most I've paid for international airfare is $500 round trip to New Zealand. So, I want to share what I know, meet others who I can learn from, and makes friends who share a similar passion for traveling for free (or nearly free).

This group will discuss ways to travel for free or nearly free.
1. How to find travel deals
2. Strategies for earning travel points without actually traveling
3. Differences between and best ways to use flexible travel points/miles and provider specific points/miles
4. Mistake fares
5. Best ways to find cheap rental cars
6. Where are the lodging deals
7. When to use points or pay cash
8. Ways to travel as cheaply as possible
9. How to travel for 4+ weeks with only a carry-on (+ small personal bag)
10. Any other topic that uses legal, honest, and ethical methods to travel for free or as cheaply as possible.

There are a lot of online groups discussing this topic but personal connections can mean much more than an online forum.

So, let's Meetup and travel the world for free (or very cheaply)!

A few rules:
No posting of any travel tips, travel suggestions, travel hacks, travel ideas, or anything discussed in the actual meetup events. Doing so can defeat the purpose of actually "meeting up," cause more questions than what we can handle, create confusion, etc. There's nothing secret or hidden about what is discussed during the meetup events, but I want to ensure that everyone receives accurate information.

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Travel Hacking Intro

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