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Travel Hackathon

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The travel tech space is moving quickly. Entering location and date to sift through endless pages of offers does not seem to be the ultimate solution for all travelers. More and more web sites and mobile apps are exploring ways to look for, discover, evaluate and price hotels rooms and other travel-related services. Data is one of the key drivers of this development. Therefore, we are excited to introduce two brand new data sources to you: the OpeNER toolset for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Olery Hotel Review API.

The Power of Text Analysis

At the hackathon you will have access to OpeNER’s comprehensive text analysis tools, which include named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and opinion detection.

The OpenNER tools allow you to explore questions like who is mentioned in this text? Which opinions regarding the World Cup are given in this piece? What is the sentiment towards Amsterdam in this article?

One-Stop Shop for Hotel Reviews and Ratings

The second data source is Olery’s Review API. It gives you access to a vast database of guest reviews from around the world as well as statistics and Olery’s own Guest Experience Index™.

The Olery review API can deliver answers to questions like
what was the average overall review rating for this particular hotel last month? How do guest rate the room in this hotel?
What’s their sentiment towards the food? What do they write in their reviews?

More than the Sum of its Parts

Now imagine what awesome hacks are possible when combining those data sources let alone including third party APIs. Think of apps which answer questions like what museums are visitors of Amsterdam talking about?What opinions do they have about their hotel? Which hotel in Amsterdam score best when matching reviews with booking site prices? Do people rate hotels differently when the weather was bad? What are bloggers opinions about your favourite football player?

We are looking for programmers, designers, hackers, linguists, entrepreneurs, product and business people as well as travel enthusiasts!

Of course, it's free! Food and drinks are on us.


08:30 - Check In & Croissants

09:00 - Introduction & Presentations

09:30 - Group Forming

10:30 - Short Idea Pitch

11:00 - Hacking!

12:30 - individual Lunch (open until 14:30)

16:00 - Project Demos

17:00 - Award Ceremony & Wrap-up

18:00 - After Party (on demand) Footbal: France - Nigeria

About OpeNER

OpeNER’s main goal is to provide a set of ready to use tools to perform some natural language processing tasks. More precisely, OpeNER aims to be able to detect and disambiguate entity mentions and perform sentiment analysis and opinion detection on the texts, to be able for example, to extract the sentiment and the opinion of customers about certain resource (e.g. hotels and accommodations) in web reviews.

About the Olery Hotel Review API

This API provides access to comprehensive data on hotel reviews from countless hotels on various hotel booking and review sites. Additionally Olery’s own Guest Experience Index™ which indicates guests’ general perceptions of your hotel quality is available.

Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam · Amsterdam
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