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Do you seek travelling around the world? To tick off all your bucket list destinations? To see all the world wonders? To collect as many countries as possible or really get to know a few? Regardless of what you like to do, one thing is for sure, you love to travel.

Do you also want to be free? To live a life where you can do whatever you want and not be constrained living a life where you work 9 to 5?

If you're an aspiring digital nomad or you simply want to build a sustainable online business that can earn you passive income so you can either keep travelling the world or at least have control over your free time, then this is the right meetup for you.

Travel and Live Free Revolution is a meetup group that is dedicated in helping fellow freedom seekers achieve a life full of travel and freedom. We are a movement to help set each other free from the constraints of 9 to 5 lifestyle.

The three major topics we will cover are:

1) Around the World Travel - How to go on a journey of a lifetime

2) Travel Hacking - How to get the best travel deals and save you money on travel

3) Earning location independent or online passive income - How to be financially independent and free

If you are a big picture thinker and always think about the future as oppose to the past, then this is the right group for you. Together, we'll come up with strategic plans so you can travel more or build up your online business.

Every month, we will strive to have 1-2 speakers come in to talk about their experience travelling around the world, using travel hacks to save money on travel or building a location independent freelancing or business where one can earn online income and most importantly, online passive income. That way, wherever you are in the world, you can keep working as you travel.

Our speakers range from founders of non-profit organizations, local entrepreneurs, and world travellers. Some speakers will be pitching some of their products and services and some won't. Hosting meetups does take time and effort and proceeds will help keep the meetup running. Some speakers are from non-profit groups or just regular individuals looking to share their travel stories.

So, if you dream for a better future, full of travel and excitement as oppose to boring "stable" everyday life, this is definitely the right group for you. If you are willing to take a risk and work hard building up an online freelancing practice or online business to earn location independent or online passive income, then this is the group for you. If you want to be fully independent, and stand on your own two feet as oppose to being dependent on a "job" for the rest of your life, then you are in the right place.

So whether you are someone that just loves to travel or someone that just wants to start an online business or maybe you want both, this is the right meetup for you.

For all the travel lovers and freedom seekers out there, welcome to Travel and Live Free Revolution!

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How to Travel To Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil by Rakesh Vig

Vancity Blundell Mall (corner of No. 2 RD and Blundell RD)

In this meetup, Rakesh will be doing a talk on his experience travelling in South American countries starting from Chile going to Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. He will share with you his travel stories and give you practical tips on how to travel to these parts of South America. Rakesh Vig's write up: Criss crossed South America for two months in 2018 (Mid March to Mid May) to experience their fall. Started at the southern tip of Chile and worked through Patagonia of Chile and Argentina. Then flew up north to experience the colors of Atacama Desert and the Salt Flats of Bolivia. Traversed back into the Chilean valley of Pisco and Argentinean Mendoza to taste Pisco and Malbec . Then cut across the continent to take Tango lesson in Buenos Aires and thereafter to see the majestic waterfalls of Iguzu. Finally landed in Rio to experience culture, music and the beaches of Brazil." If you want to learn how to travel to Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, then come check out Rakesh's presentation on how to travel to these countries! Please RSVP if you plan on attending. Seats are limited! Doors closed by 1:15pm to avoid interrupting the speaker. See you all there!

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How To Travel To Colombia By Kendrick Uy

Vancity Blundell Mall (corner of No. 2 RD and Blundell RD)

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