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Do you seek travelling around the world? To tick off all your bucket list destinations? To see all the world wonders? To collect as many countries as possible or really get to know a few? Regardless of what you like to do, one thing is for sure, you love to travel.

Travel and Live Free is a meetup group that is dedicated in helping fellow Canadians travel around the world.

The three major topics we will cover are:

1) Around the World Travel - How to go on a journey of a lifetime

2) Earning and burning points and miles - How to get the best travel deals and save you money on travel

3) How to earn location independent or online passive income so you can travel for an indefinite period of time

Every month, we will strive to have 1-2 speakers come in to talk about their experience travelling around the world, using travel hacks to save money on travel or building a location independent freelancing or business where one can earn online income. That way, wherever you are in the world, you can keep working as you travel.

Our speakers range from founders of non-profit organizations, local entrepreneurs, and world travellers. Some speakers will be pitching some of their products and services and some won't. Hosting meetups does take time and effort and proceeds will help keep the meetup running.

So, if you dream of a future, full of travel and excitement, then this group is for you!

For all the travel lovers and freedom seekers out there, welcome to Travel and Live Free!

Past events (55)

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