How Stephanie Si Can Jump-start Your Long-term Travel Around The World

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You're dying.

I'm far from being an alarmist -- I'm just being a realist.

You're dying.

How do you feel?

A decade ago, I, Stephanie Si of, was chock-full of regrets and resentments when I realized how imminent death is for us all. I then did something practical and life-changing: transform my regrets and resentments into a "HELL FUCKING YEAH!" bucket list.

My favorite achievement has been surviving the spectacles, snorts, and stenches of wild, roaming beasts while bush camping through 13 countries in Africa. How'd I execute such an adventure? Come experience the 7 secrets live on Sunday, November 11, 2018:

1) How you can use world travel to find meaning and your true and happy self

2) How solo backpacking in particular helps you develop the functional skills necessary to be a true and happy person

3) How to integrate travel into your current life
(Note: Many of you have yet to travel consistently because you think or have been told that travel is an either/or proposition. Either you completely change your life, quit your job, and really travel OR you live your current life and only dream about travel. I’ll teach you something different: how to keep the positives of your current life, like a steady income, and add passionate, inspired travel.)

4) How to travel safely, especially in Africa and South America
(Note: Many of you have yet to travel consistently because you think or have been told that travel is “dangerous.” Like everything in life, it can be. I'll teach you how to minimize your travel risks and travel safely.)

5) How to travel in trips of 2 weeks to 6 months that are easy to manage

6) How to travel on a budget of less than $50 per person per day

7) How to travel with dependents

Here's more about marvelous me, Stephanie Si:

I nickname myself for good reason.

Yes, I'm really a 35-year-old virgin. And, as you'll see, also an EXPERIENCE whore.

I've BEEN AROUND (to all 7 continents including Antarctica, all 5 oceans, and 93 U.N. countries).

And I'll TRY ANYTHING, such as ...

- experiencing the fiery awesomeness of real, rippling lava from a volcano's edge in Nicaragua.

- devouring the crisp crunchiness of local buggy cuisine in a remote Thai hill tribe.

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Meet you Sunday, November 11, 2018! (Please RSVP if you plan on attending. Seats are limited so those who come earlier secure the best spot in the room.)