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Lots going on here, Welcome! This is a larger group that's been around since 2011. I just re-started it on Meetup after a hiatus. SO - We meet at area restaurants in Austin and other Texas towns for discussion, classes, readings and workgroups. TPSC was born in Austin, but now has expanded taking the show on the road all over Texas. I LOVE collaborating with other groups so if you want to do something fun with TPSC please reach out to me!

Originally this group started as a listing in "things to do" in the Chronicle.

Then it was a meetup for a while - If the description below sounds familiar it's because it's similar to the one on Integrating Intuitive Intelligence (3eyes) which used to be my group before I passed it on to Lezlie, she kept the info on the page. :)

This group is EXPANDING NOW. I'm working on bigger dinners, more workgroups and presentations and am connecting with other Meetups, and putting together trips to travel together as a group. What I've seen is a travel caravan you can join for a dinner, a discussion, or a trip across Texas or Abroad.

Here is the original description of the group which I've tweaked for what we are doing now and beyond. JOIN US!

Here you don't have to start off saying "This may sound crazy.." - We are all here to learn about, access and utilize our intuition. That looks different for each of us - but we are stronger together and I invite you to connect on whatever level you feel comfortable. SO...

- Are you having experiences you can't explain, or just feel more "on" nowadays? Picking up on others energy, or just feel like a butterfly in a cocoon struggling to get out?

- Have no idea what Intuition is, but are interested, or feel pushed or drawn to find out?

- Or have you already been through something amazing (or amazingly difficult) and are incorporating Intuition into your life and want to share what you know with people that want to learn?

This is a place of non-judgement. No hidden agendas - not a lot of over your head metaphysical mumbo jumbo - as a group we use direct language that is simple and to the point. This is real work for REAL people. It's a big deal to me that we all show up as peers, some may be further along on the journey, but we are all here to learn, and still learning.

These intuitive skills are a natural part of who we are, and are here, waiting for us to access them. I hope you'll join us.

- Since I started this original meetup I've experienced many joys, losses, tragedies and triumphs. I'm still going. We are stronger together. Welcome.

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