What we're about

Whether you're just looking for a way to start getting in shape or want to add something new your training program, rucking is for you. Rucking is a perfect way to simultaneously build strength and aerobic capacity. The best part is, everyone can do it. We live in an amazingly beautiful area with many possibilities for hiking/rucking. Lets go out there, enjoy it and get fit at the same time!

What other activity allows us to workout as a group, at the same pace, be social and still get a good workout in? Weight is the great equalizer, because of that, athletes of many different levels can ruck together.

Rucking is a great way to build the community within our group as well. When we go for a ruck, everyone is on the same route at the same pace. We can throw in some PT if we want, but we will do it together.

Check out https://www.goruck.com/what-is-rucking/ for more information!

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