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Hi there! Curious to learn more about your own personality and interact with other likeminded individuals? This group is for people who type as an "Intuitive" in MBTI ( the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator). This includes the following types: ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ, INFP, and INTP. (If the second letter in your 4-letter type is "N" as opposed to "S," then you are Intuitive).

According to MBTI (which is based on psychologist Carl Jung's theories), people can tend to gravitate towards taking in information along a spectrum of very tangible, literal, concrete ways, or more intangible / abstract / conceptual ways. Sensing vs Intuition. Sensing (if you have an S in your type name) tends to want to percieve the world through their senses in a literal way, whereas Intuitives tend to percieve the world more through ideas, concepts, patterns, possibilities.

Sensors will tend to want to communicate in a more literal, concrete, here and now way about the who what where and when. Intuitives will more readily enjoy exploring ideas, concepts, intellectual convos, possibilities, and the how and the why. (This does not mean that S's are not more intelligent than N's! That really depends on the individual) .

Approximately 70% of the world are Sensors and only 30% is Intuitive. This means that our particular way of thinking, communicating and viewing the world as Intuitives is much more rare, and that N-types often find themselves surrounded by S-types. This can mean that N's can often feel misunderstood, different, alien, or even under-stimulated by many people/environments they live in. Neither group is better than the other and we need both for society to function properly, but there is a certain comraderie, chemistry and sense of familiarity that happens when N's get together that doesn't always happen with our S counterparts.

My name is Jimmy and I'm an INTP myself. I formed this group for us to get together and meet like minded people. Come out to our meet ups and join me in making some new friends! There are no expectations or costs. Just show up and have a great time! A meeting of minds :)

What if I don't know my type?

If you haven't ever taken this personality test, this site provides a decent free one ( http://www.16personalities.com ) or https://personalityjunkie.com/free-online-personality-test/ . Just know that under the hood, these personality types better describe how your brain is wired, and aren't really good at describing specific behaviors. The types more describe how and why you go about doing the behaviors you do, rather than predicting what behaviors will actually occur. It can take some time to fully understand how it applies to you.

Resources for Digging Deeper

One great way to go deeper is to get into the functions underlying each type, each type has a set of 4 and they help add a lot to explain what's going on under the hood and all the nuance between types. This is my favorite resource to quickly and accurately understand the functions. http://keys2cognition.com/cgjung.htm

Another great thing to check out this video playlist on each type. It's extremely insightful and chocked full of great details.


Best Book to Dig Deeper

I also highly recommend this book https://personalityjunkie.com/my-true-type-book/ to get a very clear understanding in the fastest way possible. It was originally made for people who can't figure out what type they are to help sort themselves out, but it's so clear and concise and explains things so well it might as well just be the first resource you start with. The test in the back has been the best way I've found to help people who can't figure out what type they are I have come across.

Isn't MBTI kinda silly and not real?

All models are wrong but some are useful. We recognize that MBTI has a lot of flaws and room for improvement, but it does touch on a lot of concepts that are really useful for understanding yourself and your relationship to others and fostering personal growth. The S/N spectrum is a great underrated way to connect with others. Come out some time and we can discuss more thoroughly!

Best Alternative Test

My fav non MBTI based test is this one https://www.understandmyself.com/personalit... (https://www.understandmyself.com/personality-assessment) . It's based on the Big 5 (probably the most scientifically accurate personality test) but breaks it down further into 10 traits. You get a lot of really practical information that's scientifically valid.

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(MBTI) N Types REUNION Meetup at House of Brews

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After a very long hiatus, we're getting the band back together!!! Please join me and your fellow N-Types for a night of banter and camaraderie at one of our old haunts, the House of Brews, on Thurs 6/2 at 7:30pm .

House of Brews is a really chill bar in Jensen Beach with a great selection, snacks and some games. To find me, I'll have a small sign at my table indoors. Come say hi!


What is an N Type / MBTI Intuitive?


We are iNtuitives (N types) in terms of the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Check out the about section of our group page for a full blown description, but basically N types are more likely to be reflective and enjoy discussing abstract ideas, concepts, theories, patterns, connections, possibilities, the how and the why rather than just typical small talk. N types are roughly only 30% of the population and sometimes it's hard to find each other in the wild. So it's nice to be able to connect in an environment where we are all together and we "get" and appreciate each other. Conversations seem to have way more depth and are more fun and interesting!

What if I don't know my type?

It's not a big deal if you don't have your type totally sorted out. If you haven't ever taken this personality test, these sites get the job done for free. ( http://www.16personalities.com ) or https://personalityjunkie.com/free-online-personality-test/ .

Isn't MBTI kinda silly and not real?

It has it's flaws, but there are certain things that it highlights that are really useful that other tests don't. Specially the whole idea of S vs N.

Best Alternative Test

My fav non MBTI based test is this one (https://www.understandmyself.com/personality-assessment) . It's based on the Big 5 (probably the most scientifically accurate personality test) but breaks it down further into 10 traits. You get a lot of really practical information that's scientifically valid.


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