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Calling all young professionals (21-40ish) looking to make an impact on our environment and future through planting trees in Central Texas!

Whether you care about climate change, reducing flooding and pollution, beautifying our neighborhoods, or providing shade during hot summers, TreeFolks Young Professionals has you covered.

Contribute to our Donated Trees Count by becoming a supporting member (https://www.treefolks.org/yp/)!

Upcoming events (2)

TreeFolks YP Planting Season Happy Hour

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom

A break from the hot sun means it's TreeFolks' busiest time of the year: planting season. Come celebrate with us at Zilker Brewing Company and learn more about how to get involved in supporting the Central Texas environment. TreeFolks Young Professionals gives 21-40ish folks a chance to counter climate change, prevent flooding, reduce pollution, and learn about our environment through planting and donating trees. Join us at happy hour to see all the ways you can get involved! *no trees will be planted at this event, but if you want to help make sure a tree is planted, supporting members of TreeFolks Young Professionals donations go directly toward putting trees in the ground! https://treefolks.org/yp

TREEFOLKS Young Professionals Volunteer at Sapling Giveaway

Come enjoy the artistic beauty of Elisabet Ney Museum and meet some tree and fun-lovin' youngish professionals while you help give away FREE BABY TREES to anyone who wants them! For more information about the event go to: https://www.treefolks.org/event/sapling-day-giveaway-at-elisabet-ney-museum/

Past events (14)

TreeFolks Central Leaders Meeting

Whole Foods Market

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