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Calling all women who feel a heartfelt call to action and awareness in these unique times of transition and change...please come join us to inspire, support & empower our kindred sisters as we commune and connect, participating in an exciting new Feminine Consciousness, Shakti Spirituality and Sacred Activism arising globally to insure the health, well-being, and sustainability of ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth.


Although it's not required to be part of our local TreeSisters initiaitve, won't you please consider supporting the amazing work that the international TreeSister Organization (TreeSisters.org) is accomplishing by making your donation commitment to reforest our beautiful earth today!


When you become a TreeSister, you are making forest restoration literally part of the air that you breathe. You are adding your energy to the rising tide of love that recognizes our role as restorers and protectors of the web of life. Together we are unleashing a river of generosity that re-greens the face of our world and redefines who we are as a species. Thank you for stepping into circle with us on behalf of the trees.

Together we are aiming to fund the planting of One Million Trees per Year which we can do with your help...

You formally become a global TreeSister by donating monthly to trees. (For as little as $10 a month, less than 2 cups of Starbucks coffee, is all it takes!) And, when you replenish the forests, you are replenished with these benefits (and more!):

New Moon Online Retreats -

Gather with TreeSisters from across the globe to replenish yourself with live nature-based teachings every new moon.

Seasonal Online Retreats -

Each autumn, winter, summer and spring we invite you to gift yourself a nurturing, enlivening online retreat with us. You'll receive a guided seasonal meditation and an update about the work you are making possible.


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