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This group was inspired by a need for mature singles 40-60+ that desire a lifestyle change and could benefit from tapping into collective experiences, creativity and resources.

Some of us have gone through divorce or the loss of a spouse and come out the other side. Our kids are growing up, finding their way and leaving home. Perhaps there is a good amount of equity in our home and the space is more than we need or want. We are done collecting ‘stuff’. We have done a ton of work on ourselves and after putting our kids and family first for years, it’s time to start planning and creating OUR best futures! Let’s put our heads together to brainstorm, pool resources, and make some new friends over coffee and other social outings!

This Meetup is for you if you can relate to some of these questions and challenges listed here:

• If I sell my house now for a great profit, where will I live?
• I have space in my home, but don’t want to give up my privacy or rent to students.
• I’m not sure if I’m ready to sell.
• I want to sell and rent for a while before buying again.
• I’m renting now in a space too large for me and would like to share expenses.
• How do I find a place to buy or rent when the demand and prices are so high?
• I’m self-employed, have a decent net worth, but don’t have proof of employment to prove to a landlord or banker, and/or my money is tied up in investments.
• Should I go back into the work force to make ends meet, so as not to not deplete my investments and what are my options?
• If I sell, what is the best use of my now liquid assets?
• I’m interested in purchasing rental properties, but I don’t want the burden of being a landlord.
• I dream of being an expat but don’t want to venture out into this on my own as a single person.
• I would like to invest in tropical real estate, but don’t know where to start.
• I still have a kid at home that isn’t quite ready to be on their own – how do I make plans or what steps should I take now?
• I want to minimize my overhead and expenses while maximizing income.

• I want to retire from my job early, what are my options if I still need an income?

• I wish I knew of others in the same boat asking these same questions.

• I would like support from people that ‘get’ me in my decision making as a mature, independent single.

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