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What we're about

This group is for professionals and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, resources, and referrals with each other, and build an encouraging and supportive community. Every meeting we will allow one member to present their work / expertise. Let us learn, share, and grow professionally.

If you are like me tired of expensive memberships just to network, then this group is for you! There will be NO membership fees in this group. We would request members to host meetings at their locations so we could keep the cost free. At some point, if we end up organizing large events and have to rent venues then at that time we could all equally share the cost.

Also, there will be no snacks/drinks unless you would like to sponsor snacks/drinks for a meeting. Sponsors will be duly recognized.

Let's cut the overhead and focus on true networking!

Note: Please no financial advisers or insurance brokers or Amway type business in this group.

Send a message to the organizer with the following information, which will be used for speaking opportunities and hosting meetings:

1. A brief introduction of yourself / business.

2. Speaker topic with brief description

3. Do you have a place to host meeting?

a) If Yes, how many people could you accommodate?

b) Do you have a screen/projector for presentation?


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