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Welcome to the Tri-County Adventure group! We want to explore all that the western/northwestern part of the Upstate has to offer. This group is ideal for those who live in Anderson, Pickens or Oconee County, as all of the events will be in one of those three counties. The main activities are hiking, kayaking (flat water), and meet and greet events. Please remember, you are responsible for yourself at all times, at all events.

Our aim is to hit the moderate level of most activities that we plan. Most hikes will be in the 4-8 mile moderate range.. Most kayak paddles will be a 45-60 minute out, then return (2-2.5 hours total with break).

We require at least a first name and a photo that shows your face, this is for the safety of our members and for the host of events you attend. Please understand that we will remove any members without a clear picture or at least a first name without notice.

Please change your RSVP if you aren't going to attend an event, or enter a comment if you are going to be late.

Here are a few of things we ask that you keep in mind.

Reasons we may remove you from this group:
You don't have a profile picture that shows your face.
You are a no-show to 2 events within 6 months.
You do not attend an event in the previous 6 months.
We reserve the right to remove members in order to keep our membership numbers more reflective of true participants.

For all events such as hiking and kayaking, you are responsible for yourself. Please read up on the hiking venue (most can be found on the sctrails.net website, otherwise try google) for more details of the hike concerning the level of difficulty. If it is a moderate or strenuous hike and you’re not sure of your ability, please join us for easy or shorter moderate hikes at first. Walking sticks are always helpful on any walk, and please be sure to bring plenty of fluids and snacks to meet your needs for the duration of the hike.

As for kayaking events, please be sure of your ability level before borrowing or renting kayaks. Please be aware that all kayakers are required to have a life jacket and a whistle on board.

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian. Please be aware of your child's capability and know that you are responsible for their well being and whereabouts.

We do not allow pets for any indoor events, and restrict Pit Bulls and Rottweilers from all events including hikes. For any outdoor event, if you choose to bring a pet it is your responsibility to check beforehand if pets are allowed on the trail. If they are allowed, you are responsible for keeping your dog under control and away from the other hikers. Please keep them on a leash!

Remember, you are responsible for yourself at all events!

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