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This meetup was created to help all individuals. We proudly offer classes in several languages.

Originally designed to help ESL individuals, I am proud to say my group has expanded to also include Microsoft Excel lessons and the promotion of healthy habits such as hiking events. We also arrange social gatherings.

Meetings will try to accommodate as many people as possible with meet-ups in centrally located areas of NYC such as Manhattan. I also find that meeting locations themselves can be enriching. In our great region with so many landmarks, a meeting locale where a member would normally not venture to can be a great experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and enjoy Tri-State English Workshop. It would be great to meet and talk to you!

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English Tips/Discussion ONLINE/Clase de Inglés Gratis/免费英语课


Our Facebook group is hosting a video chat room with English lessons and general conversation. Join today, ask a question, make a friend with someone from around the world, or just enjoy a friendly community.

If you can't join the video chat room at the designated time, that's ok because...............

***THIS IS AN ONGOING CHAT*** Contribute ANYTIME (you are encouraged to do so)

Outside of the chat rooms, we share ESL tips and other educational posts. Learn something new and/or share what interests you, including the history and culture of your native land.

What are you waiting for? Join the TRI STATE ENGLISH DISCUSSION Facebook group today!

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