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Free Microsoft Excel Class Midtown West
#tristateexcel To sign-up for this event, please see the NYC FREE EXCEL CLASSES meetup group. Here’s an opportunity for you to get acquainted with Microsoft Excel! The focus of this meetup will be to explore some of the features and functions of this widely used and powerful software application. It is very important for participants to bring their laptop with Microsoft Excel (not Mac). This will be a free session in which a lesson will be gone over and then a discussion can commence for some questions and socializing with other attendees. Did I mention it was important to bring your laptop with Microsoft Excel? It is worth repeating because those without a laptop containing the required software will miss the focus of this meeting. The chosen location will be easily accessible by several bus and train lines. @nycEXCELL

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Upper West Side - (exact address will be sent to those who sign up)

Upper West Side · New York, NY

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This meetup was created to help all individuals, especially those learning English as a secondary language, compose more effective written communication. Meetings will try to accommodate as many people as possible with meet-ups in centrally located areas of NYC such as Manhattan.

Locales will be broadened in the near future to include other NYC boroughs, New Jersey, Westchester, and Connecticut.

The goal is to give members affordable access to the improvement of their written correspondence while socializing with others in a relaxed environment. This is not a class in the traditional sense, the instructor is not going to give a lecture with a designated lesson plan. Your individual essay, cover letter, or other important communication will receive direct help while interacting one-on-one.

We hope to expose the valuable nature of good written communication to members. They will receive exclusive discounts for individual sessions where more discretion can be taken to change the style of the composition from conversational to analytical and express a clear message with sentence structure and vocabulary among other improvements.

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