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This is a meetup for people interested in Blockchain and Crypto as a decentralization enabling technology as well as financial/trading aspects. We plan meet to meet twice a month in either Pleasanton or Livermore.

We all know that the Blockchain has the potential to decentralize the Internet, the way it was meant to be. Cryptocurrencies are just the beginning. We will learn and explore together the possibilities offered by this revolutionary paradigm that can ensure that value creators are properly rewarded and privacy is respected much better than it is on the current Internet. Here is a great NY Times article that goes into some detail about how the Blockchain can disrupt digital age cartels and information monopolies and why user owned identity is at the heart of Web3/Internet3. (

This is a rapidly evolving area. Learning and sharing as a group can help us keep up. We will initially explore the basics of the Blockchain and progress into topics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lightning Network, Mining, Proof of Work/Stake, Elliptic Curves, Byzantine Fault Tolerance/Byzantine Generals' problem, Brain Wallet, Multi-sig wallet, Pay to Script Hash (P2SH), Lightning network, Sybil Attacks, Zeitgeist Attacks, FLP (Fischer, Lynch, Paterson) Impossibility, Hard forks/Metropolis/Segwit2X (Seggregated Witness), UASF (User Activated Soft Fork), BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), ERC (Ethereum Request for Change), Ice Age, UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs), Web3, Smart Contracts and Solidity, dApps, IPFS (Inter Planetary File System), IPDB (Inter Planetary Data Base), Gas Limit/Gas, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), GHOST (Greedy Heaviest-Observed Sub-Tree) Rule, Uncles and Oracles, Blockchain Scaling, Casper, Tendermint, ZK-SNARKS, Fishermen's Dilemma, Moneypump Vulnerability, Viper, Plasma, Side-chains, Atomic Swaps, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, ZKPs (Zero Knowledge Proofs), Merkle Trees, Markle Patricia Tries, Bloom Filters, LevelDB, Cold Storage/TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), Trezor (, Nano Ledger (, Bitcoin IRA, SAFTE(Simple Agreement for Future Tokens or Equity), CoinList. Feel free to propose any other related topic that excites you and that you are able to excite the group about!

We usually meet once or twice a month at ( , the startup incubator at 1911 Second Street, Livermore, CA (,+Livermore,+CA+94550/@37.6800401,-121.7741318,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x808fe798d0b40e59:0xd1411db1b128a741!8m2!3d37.6800401!4d-121.7719378) .

Join our Slack workspace ( for more frequent engagement with the group. Our github repo is:

If you are on the Oakland area checkout: (

Crypto Donation Links

If you are able to donate crypto to assist with this meetup, we appreciate it very much. Please use one or more of the following addresses we have on various Blockchains.

• BTC: 1HSiG1pmqi2QXvyopzxb18Y82T9QZUhAGZ

• ETH: 0x4ccf51442c8b45e3518e10dc83b66886e8f22731

• XMR: 43Qy98hiHh1T1yjXxToLwAMzPBBWMJYfB48Xj8wzE3C48zKB4odVBdzgJjFiviHWwVQNni2PGFeDChR9cMJyBB2y6Gp8qzg

Note: We may record this and all future meetups and make the recordings publicly available on social media.

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