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Tri-City Area Gaming (TAG) Message Board › Games we have.

Games we have.

Group Organizer
Pasco, WA
Post #: 1
Request a game using this thread.
Requesting it ahead of time would allow us to bring it for the next event, otherwise we might not have it on hand to play.

I know some of us bring in a fair number of games when we come. I'm not able to bring in all my games, sorry no bag of holding to use. I'm sure others are in the same situation. To make it a bit easier to know what people have for requests we can keep a list here, or link to your board game geek collections. Feel free to use this discussion to list the games you have, a short description, and a link to a full description on a site like­.

You can get a quick look of what games I have by using my BoardGameGeek collection. These posts have fallen quite behind my list, so I'll aim to use the collection link as the main list. I've reduced my posts here to just the ones I commonly bring to game night in the next post.
Group Organizer
Pasco, WA
Post #: 3
These are the current games I'm bringing regularly to Thursday game nights:

Pandemic with expansion: A cooperative game between the players verses four diseases. Members of the CDC respond to outbreaks of highly infectious diseases and must research the cure while treating the infected populations. The expansion brings in new roles, special events, and optional rules. 2-5 players, playing time is about 60 minutes.

Guillotine: Become a guillotine operator during the french revolution and collect some heads to win. Behead the nobles and collect the most points to win the game. Play is fairly simple; play an action card, collect the noble at the front of the line, and draw a card. The game takes three rounds allowing you to build up a fine list of bragging rights. 2-5 players, playing time is about 30 minutes
Guilds of Cadwallon: Guilds of Cadwallon is a fast, tactical board game in which 2-4 players try to accumulate as many Guild Points as possible by using their agents to control city districts, with a randomized 3x3 square of cards representing the city over several rounds. 2-8 players, playing time is about 30 minutes

Eight Minute Empire: In Eight-Minute Empire, 2-4 players take turns selecting a card from six displayed. The card gives a good, and also has an action that the player takes immediately. Actions help players take over the map, but sets of goods are worth points at the end of the game, so players have to balance the two aspects. 2-5 players, playing time is 8 - 15 minutes

Salmon Run: Salmon Run is a fast-paced racing game in which you'll maneuver your salmon upriver, avoiding obstacles and jumping over waterfalls. Behold the immense power of the river's currents! Avoid ferocious bears! Beware of stealthy eagles, waiting to snatch victory from your hand! Most of all, pace yourself to avoid debilitating fatigue. Salmon Run features: Deck building, player interaction, fatique, modular boards. 2-5 players, playing time is 30 - 60 minutes.

The Rivals for Catan: Each player portrays a prince for Catan, developing their individual provinces and competing to build a more successful province than the other. The basic mode of play is similar to the original Catan Card Game, where players expand their provinces by building settlements connected by roads. Players may also build expansions in their settlements that aid them in various ways, or upgrade their settlements to cities to allow more expansions to be built. The players may also use action cards that directly affect either their own province or their opponent's province. 2 players, playing time is between 45 and 60 minutes.

Ad Astra: Humans have evolved into five different races, each of them adapted to life in different planetary conditions. Guide one of the five human factions in its exploration of the galaxy, while exploiting resources, terraforming planets and creating advanced space colonies. You may even find artifacts of a long-lost alien civilization and use them to your advantage. Supports 3 – 5 players, play time is about 60 minutes.

Hanabi: Hanabi is a cooperative game in which players try to create the perfect fireworks show by placing the cards on the table in the right order. The card deck consists of five different colors of cards, numbered 1–5 in each color. In this game you hold your cards so that they're visible only to other players. To assist other players in playing a card, you must give them hints regarding the numbers or the colors of their cards. Players must act as a team to avoid errors and to finish the fireworks display before they run out of cards. Supports 2-5 players, play time is about 30 minutes.

Havok & Hijinks: Havok & Hijinks is a family-friendly, light strategy card game featuring cute, humorous dragons competing for treasure. You are a dragon, a young dragon to be specific. Your parents have just tossed you out into the world for eyeing their treasure. They think you're old enough to build your own hoard and so do the parents of your friends. Which one of Vallhyn's dragons will be the first to build a respectable hoard? 2 – 4 players, playing time is 15 - 30 minutes.

The Resistance: The Empire must fall. Our mission must succeed. By destroying their key bases, we will shatter Imperial strength and liberate our people. Yet spies have infiltrated our ranks, ready for sabotage. We must unmask them. In five nights we reshape destiny or die trying. We are the Resistance! 5 – 10 players, playing time is about 30 minutes.

Among The Stars: Among the Stars takes place in a war-ravaged galaxy where the warring alien races have declared peace in the wake of a threat with the potential to destroy them all. An Alliance is established to build space stations throughout the galaxy in order to promote trade among the races, strengthen diplomatic relations, and defend against this impending threat. Each player takes the role of one of those races trying to build the greatest space station. Through card drafting, the players select locations, and use these to build their station, scoring victory points based on the placement. The construction lasts four years, and alien race with the most points at the end wins. 2-6 players, playing time is about 60 minutes.

The Ancient World: In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. Five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing city-states pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place for all. Each city-state competes to attract the tribes, eager for the strength of the combined peoples, who are now leaving behind old traditions with the hope that the titans can be defeated once and for all. 2-4 players, playing time is about 60 minutes.

Splendor: Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops—all in order to acquire the most prestige points. If you're wealthy enough, you might even receive a visit from a noble at some point, which of course will further increase your prestige. 2-4 players, playing time is about 30 minutes

Sheriff of Nottingham: Prince John is coming to Nottingham! Players, in the role of merchants, see this as an opportunity to make quick profits by selling goods in the bustling city during the Prince's visit. However, players must first get their goods through the city gate, which is under the watch of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Should you play it safe with legal goods and make a profit, or risk it all by sneaking in illicit goods? Be mindful, though, as the Sheriff always has his eyes out for liars and tricksters and if he catches one, he very well may confiscate those goods for himself! 2-5 players, playing time is about 60 minutes
Art M.
Kennewick, WA
Post #: 3
Adding to this list, I have the the following games. I won't list repeats unless my copy has something someone else previously does not.

Cthulhu Gloom: Same game-play as Gloom using Cthulhu-oriented cards, but includes two new card types (Story and Transformation) in addition to the traditional ones. 2-5 players, in theory 60 minutes.

Dominion: Original base set only. You're a monarch bent on acquiring the most land before anyone else can nab it. The goal is to gain the most land points before the game ends and maybe even attack your opponents. Involves buying cards with coin cards and a shuffle deck building mechanic. Base box includes many different cards in addition to the required base ones allowing varied game-play each time. 2-4 players and about half an hour.

(Side note: Craig also has this, and all the expansions, but he isn't always at game night. Give him a poke if you're interested in more than the base set.)

Dominoes: Standard "double twelve" domino set. Not necessarily as exciting as anything else on this list.

Forbidden Island: You and your fellow adventurers have found an island with potentially world-changing artifacts, and you're out to collect them. The bad news is the creators booby-trapped the island to sink if you try. Goal is to work collaboratively, in turn, to collect all artifacts and leave the island before it sinks with you on it! Game can be made harder for a challenge and special abilities rotated to provide vary game-play. 2-4 players and about half an hour.

FrankenDie: More of a "party game", and possibly more enjoyable when drunk? Not found to be super fun so far. Regardless, the goal is to roll dice with pictograms, call out sets of pictograms, claim their associated body parts to build a monster, and be the first call out lightning to bring your complete monster to life. 3-6 and 15 minutes (best case?). Requires fast reflexes and skinny tables or long arms.

Gloom: A card game set in a sad world with heartache, diseases, weird happenstance, and more. Weave a story as you play cards to tie it all together. Each player gets a card family who they try to make as unhappy as possible before killing them off. Translucent cards stack on top of family member cards to show or hide points on the person and reveal more story or afflictions, temporary or otherwise. The game ends when someone's family is completely dead, and the winner is the person with the most negative points as counted by what is visible from the top on all their dead family members. Not as morbid as it sounds. 2-4 players and about an hour.

Incan Gold: Also owned by Leif. A quick game where you explore a temple in a press-your-luck style play, vying collect treasure and artifacts. Treasure revealed in the temple is split, and if you choose to leave you get to keep it. If two of the same type of danger are eventually revealed, your explorer turns scaredy-cat and loses his treasure for that round by leaving his bag behind in the temple as he runs out. Whoever has the most treasure at the end of five explorations wins. 3-8 players and about 20-30 minutes.

Infinite City: Same as Eric's, but includes the Salvage Yard cards and Guild Hall from the expansion.

King of Tokyo: Play as a huge monster, alien, robot or more as you try to take over Tokyo and kick monster butt! This is a dice rolling game with custom symbol dice. You can collect energy with appropriate rolls to then buy cards for an instant effect, delayed ability, or continuous bonus [ability] of some kind. The goal is to be the last contender standing or get to 20 points first. 2-6 players and about 30 minutes. Games can go fast.

Mag-Blast (3rd Edition): The card game involving making gun and spaceship noises in space, or else your attack doesn't count. Protect your mothership from other players with the help of your leader, which may offer you a special ability. Drawing and discarding style play, with your fleet arranged in front of you on the table. 2-8 players and about 20 minutes (likely more for novices).

Metro: Similar to other tile-and-path games, the goal is to connect your assigned subway stations to any other subway station to get points. Longer paths get more points, and connecting to a station in the middle gets double. Points are tallied as you go along, so when the last tile is played you score any remaining trains and declare the winner. 2-6 players and 30-45 minutes.

Mille Bornes: "One Thousand Milestones. On French roads there are small marker stones giving the distance in kilometres to the next town. In this famous old French card game, players compete to drive 1000 km, dealing with hazards along the way. Draw a card to your hand, play or discard. You must lay a green traffic light to start, play cards showing mileage, dump hazards (flat tire, speed limit) on the other players, remedy hazards (spare tire, end of limit) from yourself, play safety cards (puncture proof), and try to be the first to clock up the distance." Shamelessly ripped from BGG. 2-6 players and about 45 minutes.

Munchkin: The original Munchkin. A card game about dungeon crawling, killing everything you see, backstabbing, cheating (with the right cards), and getting ahead any way you can. Goal is to get your character to level 10 before anyone else. 3-6 players and about an hour and a half.

Ogre: Designer's Edition. Heavy box and many pieces. Future-styled war game with flexible scenarios, playing boards, and 3D pieces. Basic scenario involves one Ogre vs an entire team of combatants trying to take down a command base. 1-3? players, and in theory 45 minutes. Setup, explanation, and notice players will definitely make it take longer.

I also own a copy of Pocket Ogre.

Pente: A "classic". The goal is to lay tokens to get a row of five or capture ten of any opponents' tokens. 2-5 players (I only have 5 sets of tokens, iirc.) and about half an hour.

Rise!: A two player game involving building the board, surrounding hex tiles to build towers or take down the opponent's, jumping pieces, and more. Get three towers completed before your opponent to win. Takes about 20 minutes.
Art M.
Kennewick, WA
Post #: 4
Settler's of Catan: The infamous Euro-style game about building settlements, roads, and claiming land to gain points. Land gives you resource cards based on rolls of the dice to enable building stuff or buying special cards. You can trade with other players to get cards you need or avoid having to do a 4-for-1 with the "bank". Settlements and cities near ports can enable better exchange rates with the "bank". First person to ten points wins. 3 to 6 players in about an hour and a half. (I have the 5-6 player expansion.)

Smash Up: Everything but the supposedly Obligatory Cthulhu expansion. A "shuffle building" game where you grab two factions [at random] from the box, shuffle them together, and try to break bases. Bases have a target point count that can be passed to break them by playing an appropriate amount of minions, each with different abilities and worth. Actions enable extra abilities. Each faction operates differently. A broken base gives points to the people with the first, second, and third most minions by total worth on a base. Gain 15 points to end the game and win. 2-4 players and about 45 minutes.

Whacky Wit: A two player game with a large wooden PacMan-style board. Players choose either the ghosts or Whacky Wit and use dice to determine how far they can move and, in the case of the ghosts, which ghost moves. Whacky Wit wins by dropping all the pegs without losing all three lives whereas the ghosts win if they kill Whacky three times before all pegs can be dropped. Definitely a novelty mechanic. 15 minutes or more.

Definitely ask to have this brought, it is large, somewhat heavy, and oblong so it is a small bit of trouble to lug to game night. It is worth the trouble, so do ask if you would like to play.

Zombie Dice: A quick dice-based press-your-luck game where you try to roll brains to collect them. If you collectively roll three shotguns during your turn, you lose all brains collected that turn and play passes to the next player. If you stop before then, you keep all you've gathered. First person to 13 brains ends the game, and everyone else gets one more turn. Afterwards the person with the most brains wins. 2-∞ players, about ten minutes.
Richland, WA
Post #: 1
My collection on BGG should list all my games.
Richland, WA
Post #: 28
Adventures Underground has several demo games in a cabinet in the gaming room at the back of the store. Ask the staff if you'd like to try something out, or come to our regular game nights at AU. I've compiled a partial list of games in the Adventures Underground demo case.

You may also want to look at just the titles - one page, no pictures.
Kennewick, WA
Post #: 1­

Here is my BGG collection if anyone has requests. It's not everything I own, but it's most of it, and definitely the best stuff.
Sara Q.
Pasco, WA
Post #: 17
Can we get a list together of all of the games TAG has available in our lending library?
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