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Wicca Studies Classes 1st Degree
April 27, 2014 The Many Traditions for Witches The Celtic Tradition Faery Wicca Gardenarian Wicca Alexandrian Wicca Dianic Wicca Minoan Sisterhood/Brotherhood Wicca Asatru Beltane briefing handout $25 in person/$27 via paypal - PLEASE bring your receipt to class. WFT Academy of Pagan Studies (WFTAPS) offers the most comprehensive, well-planned and affordable training available anywhere. We have a very interactive community based program. We provide many sources of learning that go into each and every class, which surpasses others when learning about Wicca / WitchCraft in New York City. We offer First through Third Degree training. Additionally we have many other Witch Crafting Classes & Workshops including: Herbal Intensive Series, Making A BOS, Tarot Classes, Besom Making, Candle SpellCrafting and much more. What is wonderfully unique about WFT Academy of Pagan Studies is that it allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment. You will be challenged and we do invite those who welcome this challenge to our Academy. We take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Wicca / WitchCraft. Before considering enrollment and training at WFT Academy of Pagan Studies keep in mind that it is a life-path commitment. Within our Academy there is an enormous amount of Community Interaction through the use of meetups, myspace, groups and now NEW! launching in 2013 online classes which will have our newly formed blog and forum etc., further enabling you to increase your knowledge and learning as well as providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. Students can join this blog as long as they have registered at WFTAPS for classes The Academy is truly a Spiritual Home and we welcome you to make it your own! We have Degree-specific Study to discuss challenging lessons, facilitate rituals celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats as well as for healing and self-empowerment, all in a friendly and open atmosphere. We also hold Wiccan Degree dedications marking the stages of your training as you move through the Academy. We have found that many of our Students find it wonderful to be in a group learning environment that they can consider a Community Home. We are all very proud of our Academy and what we have accomplished thus far. But ever mindful that it is each and every one of the Students that make it what it is. If you are reading this, we are confident that you would make a wonderful addition to our Academy and do hope that after reading this, you will decide to join us as at the Academy as a Student and member of The Wiccan Family Temple. We welcome you to begin your studies by going to our ADMISSION AND PRICES (where you will find applications) page and submit your enrollment to the Academy today. We look forward to having you join us as a new Student of the WFT Academy of Pagan Studies. WE ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING UPON WHAT WE OFFER STRIVING AND PROMISING TO ALWAYS KEEP RAISING THE BAR ON WHAT WE OFFER. WE ARE THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND AFFORDABLY TAUGHT WITCHCRAFT ACADEMY WITHIN THE NEW YORK CITY AREA. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING THESE CLASSES, PLEASE GO TO YOU WILL FIND REGISTRATION INFORMATION, PRICES AND OUR FULL CURRICULLUM. YOU CAN JOIN IN THESE CLASSES AT ANY TIME, AND CATCH UP WITH THE CLASSES YOU MISSED NEXT TIME IT COMES AROUND. IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO, PLEASE DO BRING YOUR APPLICATION FILLED OUT WITH YOU WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS. ALSO, BRING A NOTE BOOK AND PEN OR PENCIL. The most comprehensive and affordably taught WitchCraft Classes in NYC $25.00 per class/$27.00 via paypal, to cover cost of spaces and paper expenses (it is a requirement). There is a one time fee per year of $25.00 registration fee. For the first time we are offering pre-registration prices of 24 classes for the year cost is $600.00 with pre-registration it would be $575.00. What we offer is a year and a day of studies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree. Your 4th year is Apprenticing and at the end of that 4th year your can apply for your State Reverend License through the Wiccan Family Temple. If you pay online please bring a receipt of payment as we do not always have time to check paypal the day of the class, or we will expect you pay at the class or gathering. Classes are being held at: 107 Suffolk St., Room: 203 (Between Rivington & Delancey Streets), NY, NY 10002 email us at: or call us at 917-378-5012. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CLASSES, EVENTS ETC. PLEASE VISIT US AT: for all your ritual and pagan items.

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We have many exciting news!! This site is now the new home of TriState Pagan Community. There will be postings of Esbats and Sabbats in the TriState Areas, Events, Festivals, Fairs, Fun events etc. If you wish to post your Esbat, Sabbat or any other Pagan or of interest event or celebration on this site please do submit to us your group name and info then you can be made an Event Organizer and can place your many events up.

Thank you all for your kindness and consideration since we will be the old group but with a new look and ideas with you all. And now, here we go into the future in yet still another direction, so do join us into the future.

We will also be creating a Enchanted Pagan Emagazine, with that we are accepting submissions to place your poetry or writings on many interesting topics: Ceremonial, Mental, Magickal Writings, Wicca, Shinto, White Magic, Earth-Gaia Magic, Circle, Wicca, Egyptian, Spells, Druidry, Santeria, Pendulum, Seance, Voodoo, IChing, Oracles, Clairvoyance, Shamanism, Channelling, Alchemy, Runes, Celtic, Sorcery, Crystals, Angelic, Sex Magic, Natural Magic, Scrying, Reiki, Pagan dating / handfastings, Handpartings, Pagan Parenting, Pagan kids Club, Pagan Book Club- book reviews, just to name a few.

So let the many pathways be opened, and let us unite to share. Let’s walk the path together. Thanking you all in advance for your many participation and cooperation in making this a successful site.

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