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We will be at Jakes for a couple of months. Pig Poundry will be renovating. Sign up on the board when you arrive so that we can keep up with who is next in line to play. They have paddles and balls there. If you go when there is no meetup and you don't see any balls. They have them for sale at the counter for $1 or sometimes 2 for $1. 3 Star Butterflys. The food at Jakes is great and the crowd is mixed and laid back. Always a good time there. Only bad thing is that there is only one ping pong table.

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What we're about

This group is for people in, near or willing to travel to Greensboro NC to play table tennis or ping pong. I fell in love with this sport February of 2014 and try to play at least once a week. I kept running across other people who also wanted to play but didn't have someone else with an equal love for the sport to play with.

I knew that situation too well. I decided to do something about it so that we could all meet and enjoy the game. As it happens, ping pong players also seem to be awesome people. Which also means they make good friends. Ping pong has been a great adventure to me in both improving my skills in the game and the opportunity to meet interesting and awesome people.

Perhaps we will also travel and play in other locations soon. For those interested in learning to play. I can coach and practice with new comers to the game. I am not a master at it, but I have learned a lot that I am willing to pass on.

For those with years of experience, if I can't provide advice, you can model those who play better. I can advise you who to seek coaching from. I don't assume you want that because it annoy people. So if you want tips, help, coaching let me know and I will apply myself in the appropriate capacity. (Meaning answer your questions, provide coaching or refer you to someone who is a better player of the game for tips because your level is already beyond my expertise)

Wow, this is a lot of info. Some might call it babble, lol. Either way, if you made it this far....I don't know you must be really bored or smart enough to see if you are a fit for this meetup.

Well, if you made it this far and you like table tennis you are a fit for this meetup for sure.

Also, we are looking for a building to occupy! That's how much we have grown in 2 years.

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