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Here's the deal. You're an intuitive. You're an "N." You're 25% of the world. You think differently than most people. Day to day practicality isn't your cup of tea, and you like talking about ideas. You've frequently found yourself with too many strings and not enough balloons. A lot of your interactions with other people just feel superficial. How's the weather, how sports ball did, the latest gossip, or a list of what you did yesterday, or what you're going to do. You crave something more, but can't find it.

There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with them. You just have an unmet need to be around more fellow balloons and fewer strings. Sound like you? Great! This is the place for you. This is an outlet for intuitives to be around fellow intuitives.

Go ahead. Talk your big ideas. Socialize with people that get it, and we'll do some cool things along the way too.


This group is best for people who test as "Intuitive" on the Myers-Briggs Personality test (MBTI). This includes the following types: ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ, INFP, and INTP. (If the second letter in your 4-letter type is "N," then you are Intuitive). If you haven't ever taken this personality test, you may do so for free at 16Personalities (https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test (http://www.16personalities.com/)).

Intuitives tend to be more figurative (as opposed to literal), more imaginative (as opposed to realistic), more future-focused (as opposed to present), and more abstract (as opposed to concrete). We enjoy talking about concepts, exploring ideas, and having intellectual conversations. Sensors enjoy discussing the Who, What, Where, When; whereas Intuitives often enjoy the How, and most importantly, the Why.

Because we tend to be in the minority it's more difficult to find a steady group of like minded people.

My name is Matt and I'm an INTJ/P. I formed this group to get together and meet like minded people. Come out to our meetups and join me in making some new friends! There are no expectations and no costs. Just show up and have a great time with people that think like you.

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Intuitive Social

Raleigh Brewing Company

Brunch 'N Banter

Cameron Bar and Grill

Nerd Nite Raleigh - It's like the discovery channel with beer

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Raleigh

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