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This meetup is for Gen-X and Boomer intellectuals interested in meeting others like themselves, who enjoy good food and exchanging insights and thoughts on the big important topics that shape our world today.

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Dinner/Beers/Conversation: Expanding Censorship Online and on Campus: Pro or Con

This meeting is to address the ongoing debate over how much free speech we should have. With the advent of notions like “fake news,” “hate speech,” “trigger warnings,” and “safe spaces,” and with increasing censorship of the public square, which is now mostly online, by the big tech corporations that own it, the trend would seem to be toward less. Is this censorship overdue or overdone? Does “protecting” students from speech that offends them prepare them for adulthood and citizenship or infantilize and weaken them? Can we trust nameless individuals who work for Big Data to decide for us what material is fit for public consumption? Who should determine what's fake news? Can the public be trusted to sort it out for themselves?

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Rally Point Sport Grill

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