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All, Due to COVID and the age, health and safety concerns with many of our members, we are postponing all game day meetups until further notice. We looked at ways to meet virtually; however, could not find an option where our group can provide a stable and enjoyable viewing experience.

Us at HQ will keep evaluating this situation and return to game day get togethers as soon as safe options are available.

Please feel free to join our group so you will be notified as as soon as things return to normal!

Stay safe and GO BRONCOS!

You belong in this group if you do any or all of the following:

. . . feel isolated and far, far away from your awesome BRONCOS;

. . . make daily (hourly?) checks of nfl.com, denverbroncos.com, or DenverPost.com for any Broncos news;

. . . consider time spent in Mile High Stadium to be a religious experience;

. . . watch any football game where a receiver is unsuccessful, and find yourself shouting IN-COM-PLETE!!

. . . wonder why all teams don’t have a magnificent horse and rider cross the field after every score;

. . . find that your Broncos jerseys take up over half of your closet;

. . . have a pet, child, vehicle, or favorite body part named Elway or Manning.


If you manage to make it to Mile High Stadium or to any of the Broncos games, please share pictures with the group - BRONCO COUNTRY IS EVERYWHERE!

Get your game face on, the time to cheer is almost here!


Past events (100)

BRONCOS VS.Raiders @ 425

Needs a location

BRONCOS VS. Lions @ 400

Needs a location

BRONCOS VS Chiefs @ 100 ET

Needs a location

BRONCOS VS Texans @ 100 ET

Needs a location

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