What we're about

Triangle Crypto / Cypherpunk is a group dedicated to cypherpunk / crypto-anarchist ideas and thinking. We believe that technology, especially strong crypto, is a foundational technology for allowing people to live their lives, free of interference from others. Specifically, we engage in education, promotion and advocacy around tools like SSL/TLS, I2P, Bitcoin, Tor, GPG, TrueCrypt, and the like. We want to raise awareness of the existence and applicability of these tools, so that people can protect themselves from anyone who would snoop on their communications, whether that be a criminal intent on fraud, or an over-zealous, rogue government agency like the NSA.

We anticipate offering classes and seminars to the public, journalists, local businesses and other interested parties, with a special focus on the tools listed above. Everyone is welcome to attend. In addition to classes and seminars, we will probably do occasional "social" mixers, or perhaps a "movie night" or something. What could be more fun than hanging out with fellow Cypherpunks and watching "V for Vendetta" or "Sneakers" for the 129'th time, right? :-)

The Cypherpunk movement is inherently anarcho-capitalistic in it's origins and nature, but you do NOT have to be an ancap / libertarian / voluntaryist to participate in this group. Just support the right of people to communicate freely and privately using strong encryption and related technologies.

Note: If you are thinking "What if I'm a (cop | NSA spook | CIA agent | FBI agent | etc), can I attend?" the answer is most emphatically "yes". We believe "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" and you aren't going to find anybody doing anything illegal, so what do we care? The more the merrier.

Upcoming events (2)

Initial organizing meeting
Needs a date and time

Splat Space - Durham's Hackerspace

Let's meetup and talk about how to best organize the group, and hammer out some of the basics, as well as getting to know each other.

Intro to Crypto & Data Privacy for Journalists
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

A session specifically for journalists, journalism students, other members of the media, leakers, sources, and others with a vested interest in ensuring that journalists have access to secure and private means of communication in order to ensure a free press.