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We've got a presentation on Elasticsearch on tap for this meetup. Nik Everett of the Wikimedia Foundation describes his talk as thus:

Elasticsearch powered on wiki search, a tour.

Take a tour of CirrusSearch, an open source MediaWiki plugin that powers on wiki search with Elasticsearch. It is designed for wikis with anywhere from tens of pages to tens of millions of pages. The reference installation at the Wikimedia Foundation powers search for , , and most wikis in Italian and is a "beta feature" on most wikis at WMF including and . In addition to the project itself most everything used to maintain the installation is open source and open or viewing including the puppet scripts and the monitoring data. The tour will describe at a high level the bits that make the application go, how WMF maintains the search cluster with (almost) no downtime, and how to debug problems.

Nik Everett is a software engineer who lives in Raleigh and works for the Wikimedia Foundation and is currently replacing their on site search. He contributes to Elasticsearch, Lucene, MediaWiki, and CirrusSearch.

We're at Bronto near the American Tobacco District for this meetup. Doors open at 6:45pm, with pizza, soda, and beer being provided by Bronto. If you've never been, you this map ( will show you where the door is to enter.

I look forward to seeing everyone and learning how Elasticsearch can help us all out.

Mark Mzyk