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Modern Web October - Get Spooky with Elixir and D3
Join us for another co-hosted event with Modern Web! RSVP at We are partnering with many wonderful JavaScript meetups: Triangle Modern Web, TriangleJS, GDG Triangle, Code Craftsmanship Saturdays, and Triangle Node. This event is sponsored by Pendo and All Things Open (Thx Pendo for the pizza and space!). Location: Pendo in downtown Raleigh - 4th floor of the Wells Fargo Building Featured Talks: Speaker - David Berheisel - Software Engineer at Viget Labs Why is Elixir So Enjoyable? Elixir is an up-and-coming language that many developers have heard about being really enjoyable. It's superfast with microsecond web response times, can be embedded into hardware, and respected developers have started migrating to use Elixir. David is going to break down why and what makes it so enjoyable. Speaker - Jamie Bort - D3 With the JavaScript library D3.js we can now easily do that right in the browser. This is done by binding arbitrary data to the Document Object Model, and then applying data-driven transformations to the document. Jamie will first briefly demonstrate how to set up the library. He will then demonstrating different ways to display a few data set using D3.js. Speaker - Brandon Mathis - Description of talk to be added. RSVP at


150 Fayetteville St, Wells Fargo Building (4th Floor) · Raleigh, nc