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Have you started fermenting food for your health and/or just because you're curious and like to try new things? Are you seeking the support and camaraderie of local like-minded folks in your fermentation explorations? Let's get together to share tips, cooking techniques, explore local fermented food companies, and eat great food!

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Fermented Grains: Join us for the "Wild Fermentation" challenge!

MEETUP DESCRIPTION Grains are difficult for us to digest, so peoples around the world have discovered that by fermenting them, not only are they easier to digest, they are more nutritious and flavorful! Take the challenge this month by making flatbreads, breads, porridges, soft drinks, or soups. This includes foods such as Injera (an Ethiopian sponge bread), Alaskan frontier sourdough hotcakes, challah, and oat porridge. Check out Chapter 8 of the book for recipe ideas! BACKGROUND Have you ever picked up a really good cookbook and wanted to try all of the recipes in the book? This happened to me when I started reading Sandor Katz's book, "Wild Fermentation." The book contains fermentation recipes from countries around the world, including dairy ferments, grain ferments, and vinegars! From August through March, we'll be fermenting our way through this book, one chapter at a time, tasting new foods and learning new methods of fermentation along the way, from Alaskan Frontier sourdough pancakes to coconut chutney, from strawberry wine to fruit kimchi! Get the book from the library if you don't have a copy, pick out a recipe, and begin fermenting! Or share your own unique recipe with us. We'll meet online and share our ferments and our fermentation success and failure stories each month on the third Thursday of the month, 7-8:30 p.m. Zoom link will be sent to all participants the afternoon of the event. This is for newbies as well as those with lots of fermenting experience! Most of the recipes can be made with just a few basic kitchen tools. Here's the tentative schedule so you have time to decide which months you want to participate: • August 20th: Vegetable ferments (a great time of year to make hot sauce, sauerkraut, sour pickles, kimchi) • September 17th: Lightly fermented beverages (think kombucha, ginger bug, water kefir soda, strawberry kvass) (Let me know if you need a kombucha starter!) • October 15th: Beer 101 - the Basics of Brewing (Atlantic Brew Supply will join us to give us the tips and tricks to making your own beer) • November 19th: Grain ferments (you know, sourdough bread, crackers, oat porridge) • December 17th: Dairy ferments (aka, yogurt, raita, kefir, sour cream) • January 21: Vinegars (make your own! apple cider vinegar, shrub, infused vinegars) • February 18: Bean ferments (and last but not least, dosas, miso, tempeh!) • March 18: Wine (try ginger champagne, cider, mead)

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Beer 101 - the Basics of Beer Brewing

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