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What we’re about

We are a community of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) singles and couples (and other relationship types) who live primarily in the Triangle area of North Carolina and who come together to socialize, participate in activities, and form friendships. Because life is better with friends! Join us.

For more information, visit

Also, consider joining our sister group, Triangle LGBTQ Active Adventures, for hiking, boating, kayaking, sports, and other active recreational events:


Group Rules & Policies

***DISCLAIMER: “Triangle LGBTQ Friends” and “Triangle LGBTQ Active Adventures” fall under the Triangle LGBTQ Group, a non-profit organization. Unlike most Meetup groups, members of the aforementioned Meetup groups and outside supporters, will have opportunities to support our members and the LGBTQ community. \

All members joining our group acknowledge that this group and its volunteer organizers & event hosts are not responsible for the behavior of any members in and outside of our events. Meetups are events where people attend to socialize with others. Those in attendance are responsible for their own safety and well-being at all Meetup events, AND when communicating with members outside of our events. Please have a “Plan B” should unexpected cases arise. \

Please consider precautions that you would take if meeting a complete stranger. While we may take action against members who break rules at our Meetups, (or abuse our website & email tools), we cannot be expected to watch over the behavior of members outside or beyond our actual official events. \

The organizer/co-organizers approve membership applications. New members will not be approved without answering fully and completely all the profile questions. No anonymous applications are approved. \

By joining you agree that you are not a member of the media, press, or government looking to gain contacts to our group without the permission of our leadership or members for any story, interview, undercover investigations, business opportunities, or other negative implications towards this group, its members, or leadership.

Effective 8-24-2021

It is important that all organizers and members who decide to meet in person are aware of and follow local regulations. We encourage every member of the community to continue to take precautions to limit the risk of transmitting illnesses during events. One way to do this is to monitor local, state, and national guidelines on in-person gatherings. Follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These recommendations change frequently in response to transmission trends, so monitor guidelines often. The CDC is also continuing to update its guidelines for people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine

Triangle LGBTQ Group’s COVID-19 Policy

Because there are members within LGBTQ+ communities who are immune compromised, Triangle LGBTQ Group requires that all attendees to our group events be fully vaccinated. Proof of full vaccination may be required for admission.

This policy covers both, the Triangle LGBTQ Friends and Triangle LGBTQ Active Adventures Meetup groups, as well as major events, fundraising, and volunteer events and all other community activities sponsored by Triangle LTBGQ Group. 

Group rules:

1. Respect: All members are expected to act appropriately with other members. Any harassment, privacy violation, public humiliation, or any unwanted sexual innuendo towards other members will not be tolerated. Members will address other members by their self- identified name and pronouns to the best of their ability. Do not inappropriately touch other members. Seek consent preferably whenever possible before making physical contact. We will not let members of this group feel in any way uncomfortable, violated, harassed, shamed, or in any other way unsafe at our meetups. Please help foster respect by avoiding malicious gossip or bad-talking of other members---we prefer to keep meetups a friendly, safe, diverse, drama-free environment. Violations will result in expulsion. <br>Also, this is not a dating service. Do not join this group expecting to find the new love of your life or a new addition to your bedroom, etc. Any unwelcomed solicitations are a violation of this policy. <br>

2. Discrimination: We are a diverse, inclusive group, and we do not discriminate on: Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Sex, Gender Identity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Relationship orientation, Age, Disability, Family Status, Economic Class, Relationship status, Sexual History, etc. Members are required to do the same.


  1. Privacy: Respect everyone's privacy! Our site settings are such that our events & membership lists cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member. Occasionally, some events may become cross-posted with other Meetup groups, but only groups with members in the LGBTQ community. We do ask however that members do not put our events on a public forum to ensure privacy. Do Not post a copy and/or publish our meetup event details to non-members with exception to inviting your own personal friends that will attend as your personal guest. \

Note: Everyone should update their site privacy settings to a level they are comfortable.


  1. Age: requires an age of 18 or more to create an account. We agree with this policy. (Some meetups at bars may require 21 and up.) However, we do have meetup events that are "family-friendly" and open to kids accompanying their parents who are members. Otherwise, we will implicitly post what events are “family events”. We address pets as well. (For these all events, please contact the designated Event Host directly for more information before making assumptions.)


  1. Attendance: We require all members to use's RSVP system. This allows organizers to plan their events, which often involve managing space and providing refreshments. In the event that you have RSVPed to an event, but can no longer attend, we ask that you update your RSVP status as soon as possible (even last minute if necessary) AND post a comment on the event to alert the host. "No-Shows" are discouraging for organizers. "No- shows" may cause organizers to waste time and money. Those on the “wait list” will also be affected by non-attendance. We require that you keep your RSVP status up to date.

Failure to do so may lead to:


First time: Warning.


Second time: temporary suspension.


Third time: Removal from the group for no less than 12 months.

However, that will be at the discretion of group leaders. Habitual offenders will not be tolerated and notice may not be given. \

Note: In order to ensure that this policy is enforced fairly, organizers are asked to mark no- shows for their events. If you are uncertain how to mark no-shows, please contact the group leaders.


  1. RSVP: Read each event description fully before RSVP. Contact the designated "Event Host" if you have questions about that event. If it's your first time, you may need to inquire on how to find everyone. If you are on the waiting list or not able to RSVP, do not “crash” the event anyway. Hosts will aim to honor the RSVP process. Headcounts are part of the planning process.


  1. Quiescence: All members are requested to stay active and to attend events. The point of Meetup is to get out there and meet people. At the very least, we request a "Goal" for all members to attend a meetup event a minimum of twice a year. Anything less exhibits dormancy. There are a great variety of events between both our Meetup groups, so please check every so often so you aren’t marked as inactive. "Idle" memberships may be removed automatically on a regular basis---however, those removed may rejoin if they truly want to. We will however attempt to contact everyone via Meetup twice before doing so.


  1. Spam: Spam is never tolerated and we immediately ban any member violating this rule.