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Technical SEO Gone Bad - Simon Heseltine presenting

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Technical SEO Gone Bad  - Simon Heseltine presenting


Join us in September, & Note the NEW location this month, when Simon Heseltine, ( and Twitter ( shows us How Technical SEO Goes Bad. If you are wondering where your organic traffic went, you need to attend this event. It's a question that, unfortunately, many SEOs have exclaimed at some point in their career, when examining their analytics.

This presentation will talk about how brands have messed up their own technical SEO, causing their sites major traffic loss in the search results. Sometimes it’s an intentional attempt to increase traffic by doing things the wrong way, other times it’s just folks either only knowing half of the story or only knowing enough to be dangerous, other times it's just a frustrating mistake.

With each real world example of the various types of common and one-off technical SEO issues, we’ll delve into the best ways to identify and fix those issue if/when they happen to your site.

About Our Presenter:

Simon Heseltine is the VP of Audience Growth at Trader Interactive in Norfolk, VA. His team is responsible for all traffic channels for industry-leading sites such as Cycle Trader, Commercial Truck Trader, and RVTrader.

Simon has led award-winning in-house teams at ForRent (2017) and AOL (2014), also working in-house at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and for several years on the agency side.

Simon taught digital marketing for 5 years at Georgetown University in DC, and was on the board of SEMPO for 4 years, 2 as VP of Education.

Simon is a frequent speaker / trainer / moderator at conferences around the world on a variety of online marketing topics. He has a BA (Hons) from the University of Humberside, and a Masters in IT from Virginia Tech. He's also an actual Duke (Duke of Simonskorg, Ladonia).

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