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There are many parts of developing mobile applications and they all need to work together to provide an amazing user experience. This group covers mobile technologies, development processes & tools, mobile app publishing and distribution, testing and maintenance, business models, and other topics that can help the creation of amazing, reliable, and financially successful apps. Join our group to learn new development processes, tools, tips, and business models.

There will be a mix of sessions ranging from programming to app promotion.

We will also host workshops allowing hands on experience for creation of app software, graphics, project management, and other helpful development and implementation focused topics.

Upcoming events (2)

Mobile App Development Welcome Party

Whole Foods Market

This meetup session will cover Mobile App Development industry topics. If you want to hear what is happening and coming soon in the mobile app industry, attend this session. Topics Covered: - Mobile Technology - App Development - Development Tools - User Interface - Prototyping - Project Management - Business Models - Testing - APIs - + More Oh yeah - this is our first meeting so we will have cake, snacks, and networking with lots of mobile and app developer people!!! Speaker: Lawrence Harte, Editor Mobile App Development Magazine

Mobile App Development Management

Whole Foods Market

This session explains what mobile app development is, how it works, and defines basic terms helps you to understand if and why creating mobile apps may be good for your career or company. Mobile app development and its related technologies and key applications will be described using semi-technical terms which focus on the overall processes used by Mobile Apps, key benefits to business, and ways they can be setup and implemented. BUSINESS IMPLEMENTATION FOCUS - not a programming session - covers the concepts of Mobile App Development in semi-technical terms. Technical Sessions - we will have several technical sessions over the next year on Mobile App Development, Platforms, Key Applications (e.g. Mobile App Game Development) Backend Services Setup, and Testing.

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