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Speaker: Troy Campbell on Modern Moral Psychology

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Troy Campbell, is a Duke PhD student and member of Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight. He will briefly review the recent explosion of psychological research on morality and beliefs and explain the value in understanding morality’s basis in psychological needs, cultural teachings, and evolved “moral intuitions.”

Research shows that morals and beliefs provide existential and psychological value as beliefs can make one feel safe, smart, saved, and righteous. Accordingly, people seek to protect the existential benefits of their morals and beliefs, often at the expense of others, facts, and rationality.

Importantly, though people’s morals and beliefs can pull them in irrational directions, there is hope for overcoming the irrational pull. I will discuss how parts of academia, the Internet, and philosophical societies have understood people’s flawed moral intuitions and have helped people to seek to rise above their intuitions and feelings.

In sum, the talk will focus on the science of morality and will thus be scientifically descriptive rather than morally perspective.

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