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Looking for those interested in expanding their minds around sexuality, sensation, meditation, and non-traditional forms of sexuality. Learning how to connect with others at a deep, intimate level through discussion of ideas, viewpoints, techniques, and tools for expanded sensuality. Events may run from discussion forums, to demonstrations, to practice sessions. Please leave preconceived ideas, judgement, and inhibitions at the door, and prepare to expand your mind....

NOTE: respect, safety, privacy, and discretion are of the utmost importance to this group - behavior contrary to these notions will NOT be tolerated, and grounds for removal. Only mature adults, capable of respectful, frank, mature discussion about adult topics, will be accepted. Always SSC: Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Homo sapiens. Heartbeat. Over 18 years old, but less than 200. (Get the picture yet?) Singles, couples, or any other relationship format. Red, white, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, even chartreuse, lavender, and burnt umber... welcome. We don't care about labels and categories (such as religion, politics, orientation, size, shape, or beliefs, just to name a few).

WE DO NOT: hate, judge, shame, bully, label, or support any kind of negative energy towards others.

NEW MEMBERS APPLYING TO THE GROUP: You will remain a "Pending" member until you attend one of our social/educational meetings (usually a dinner or lunch). This is to make sure you understand what we are about, and our rules - as well as protecting the membership from those not mature enough to handle something like this. Don't worry - it's actually a lot of fun - just a good open discussion of fun topics ;-)

PRIVACY: this group is PRIVATE. That means members, events, and other content are not visible to non-members (for obvious reasons).


UNSOLICITED EMAIL - If anyone sends you rude or inappropriate mail, asks for your private email, or tries to represent themselves as an Organizer (but isn't) please report them right away. Harassing or soliciting other members is not tolerated.

WOMEN: Please report any members sending unsolicited emails asking for sex, etc. This is not allowed or tolerated.

OFFENSIVE PICTURES: Profiles with offensive pictures will be removed. This is not Adult Friend Finder, or Passion.

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