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Bolognese Swordsmanship - Open Training (Non-Beginners)
This is an intermediate-level open-training class on the Bolognese System of fencing and martial arts. New TSG students, students unfamiliar with the Bolognese or Renaissance fencing traditions, or those who are interested in focusing on the fundamentals of Renaissance fencing, should first attend our Renaissance Fencing Beginners classes. This class will be less structured and involve more semi-independent training as a way to give students more time to focus on a specific topic of interest, such as forms, techniques, sparring, or studying the sources and treatises. The start and end times are an estimate and students are not required to have to attend at a specific time.

Brier Creek Community Center

10810 Globe Road · Morrisville, NC

What we're about

The Triangle Sword Guild is a nonprofit group dedicated to the research and practice of Historic European Martial Arts. Our purpose is to reconstruct and learn the martial traditions of medieval and renaissance Europe through a combination of historic research and martial training. Our focus in primarily on the German Liechtenauer tradition, beginning with the longsword and moving toward other weapon forms.

Our interest is in training the European combative tradition as a martial art. We strive to emphasize fitness, martial training, and safe but full impact sparring. We are not a reenactment group, fantasy group, SCA affiliate, sport fencing club, or living history group, though we welcome new members who come from all backgrounds. Feel free to drop by and see what we do, or visit our website:

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