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What we’re about

This group welcomes all runners of different paces, but what sets the Turtles & Hares aside from other running groups is that the majority do not run faster than 9 minute miles, and many run 10-15 minute miles and slower.

So if you've ever felt a little intimidated by those other running groups that list the "slow" group at 8 minute miles then this is the group for you!

So what is this group all about?

The Turtles & Hares encompass a wide range of running styles which include; straight running, run-walk interval training and those who are currently walking but want to transition over to running.

This group is flexible -- if you want to walk or run whether it’s slow or fast, short or long, you can!

We expect the members to be active, that is show up at our scheduled runs. Minimally you should visit the website each month so we know your still into being a runner.

Also you must post a recognizable picture of yourself when joining our group.

Oh - and I almost forgot the best part -- this group is FREE!! We are looking for sponsors, so if you know of a business that pertains to running/walking/jogging or that would like to sponsor our group - send them our way. A small donation will get their logo on our meetup page for a year!

We schedule three types of meetups:

Runs that are organized just by Turtles/Hares. The organizer will be present and greet the members; if you are new the organizer will explain the running route.

Currently the weekly scheduled meetups for these are:

    Brier Creek Tuesday Night Run

    SouthPoint Durham Weekly Run on the ATT - Thursday Night

    Saturday long run...all paces and distances welcome. Check details for location.

    Swift Creek Greenway Run - Sunday morning

Weekly runs that are organized by businesses, other clubs and such. Signup so other Turtles/Hares know you’re coming, then show up and enjoy yourself. These weekly runs include:

    Monday Evening Run Club at Fortnight Brewery

    Tuesday Evening Cary Run at Bond Brothers

    Wednesday 2-5 Mile Run at JD's Tavern

Organized local races and charity events. Signup so other Turtles/Hares know you’re coming, then show up and enjoy yourself.

If you are on Facebook, please be sure to "Like" our Facebook page.