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Who are we? "Triangle Type 1 PWDs" is a group created for people with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1) living in the Research Triangle Area by people with Type 1. The group exists to get us together once a month for educational purposes, networking, sharing our experiences, and nonjudgmental support for each other.

Who can be part of our group? Anyone with Type 1 regardless of the current age or the age at Type 1 diagnosis. In addition, significant others, family members, and caregivers are welcome too since they play an important role in our care.

What can we achieve? We want that people with Type 1 living in the Research Triangle Area meet and get to know each other and maybe even become friends. We want to have a cozy setting appropriate for ventilating our experiences, our failures, our successes, our distresses, our stories. Most of all, we want to raise awareness among ourselves regarding the endless misconceptions “out there” about Type 1 which, oftentimes, make us our own worst enemy. Our condition is extremely individual and fully dependent on each person’s daily living and circumstances. Sometimes we will be alright, sometimes we will be so-so, and other times no matter how perfect we think that we are those sugars just keep getting out of target – too high or too low. We want to help others understand that there is no right or wrong decision, but only shades and degrees of appropriateness with each decision that we make day after day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Is that it, just getting together and talk informally? What is the plan? No, in addition to meeting and talking to each other during monthly meetings at different venues in the Triangle, we plan to provide some education and discussion on specific Type 1-related topics. We have a very long list of providers and experts who are more than willing to educate us. If appropriate, we also plan on having “industry-sponsored” meetings aimed at learning more about any specific product that has been or will be released into the market. Eventually, we can plan to organize activities in restaurants and houses of group members for special events or celebrations.

Who is organizing this group? We are a seasoned software professional recently diagnosed with adult-onset Type 1, a clinical diabetes educator working at Duke with more than enough years of having been diagnosed with Type 1, and a Puerto Rican endocrinologist working at Duke living with Type 1 since 2001. But let’s be clear: The group will only be successful if all members participate and contribute, everyone according to the individual interest and capabilities.

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