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Are you a furry with an interest in Photography or Videography? Come join us to get out and about with your camera to meet others with a similar passion. You'll get to mingle and get to know other furries (+ friends) with the same interest and develop those photography and videography skills!

We have mixers, instructive classes, and especially meets to just get out and shoot content! We meet at several locations around the triangle and have some longer distance group trips planned. Our instructive sessions will be covering everything from equipment and methods of capturing that perfect shot, to post production and publication.

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Anthros with cameras.....at the NC Zoo!

NC Zoological Park

Hey guys! Who wants to take a trip to the zoo? Earlier this year I went to the zoo and had an awesome time getting some photographs! Now that we have the group together I would love for us to do it as a group! So gather your cameras! Let's head to the zoo! We will meet at the North American entrance at 10 and by 10:15 we will go ahead and start walking. The animals are generally far away so I suggest (if you can) bringing a larger zoom lens. During my trip I used a canon EF[masked]mm lens Please dress according to the weather! NC Weather is strange so it may end up getting warmer more on our walk or colder. Wear comfortable shoes too! The zoo has A LOT of walking The zoo will only close if there is severe weather. As it gets closer to the date we will try and monitor the weather in case of ice or snow. I suggest buying your ticket at the gate just incase if the weather has us change the date! Tickets are $15 for an adult (13-61) and $13 for seniors over 61+ Helpful links: https://www.nczoo.org/visit https://www.nczoo.org/visit/seasonal-tips https://www.nczoo.org/visit/faqs Let us know if you have any questions! I will be calling the zoo to ask about filming! As far as I know they are good with photography but some businesses may not be comfortable with filming. Keep checking for more info on this!

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Coffee social ☕ @ Caribou Coffee!

Carribou Coffee

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